Mourning the death of a useful friend

Over the weekend, I sadly lost my most useful computer, She shut down Saturday 4th Jan at 23.59GMT unexpectedly, only two and half years old, Never to be woken again. The post mortem reveiled motherboard failure and possible CPU damage, due to overheating.

So I'm now in mourning. It's like having part of you missing. I'm sending this from my sisters laptop and it just not the same.

Hope I can retrieve all my data, I just built a great set of Passenger Stairs.

I hope to get a new motherboard and CPU within the next two weeks.


Stevo ;)
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My sincerest sympathies my friend...I had a similar (although not as serious) problem about three months ago. Had to re-install Windows which wiped out alot of programs. Now I run all of my FS stuff (simulator and design software) on a seperate hard drive in case something fails. I also do a routine backup (to DVD disks) of that drive at least twice a month.
Steveo ....

1) what are you doing in your sister's laptop? :eek: that just sounds wrong!
2) Thermal overload, How'd that happen? Intel's shut down at excessive thermal levels, "normal" systems don't really get that hot run even stock HSF's. Ohhh I know.... were you over clocking your puter again?? :yikes: :p

No I dont overclock, thats just silly

I did manage to restart the computer when it shut down and get in to the bios and the system temp was 112C, the CPU was 98C. Next time i start the comp nothing happened.

I've been out today and bought a new power supply on the off chance it was that. But no she's still dead.

So it looks like the motherboard is dead, there is a lot of thermal paste come out from under the north bridge which doesnt look to healthy, but the CPU could still be fine, but i've still ordered another one anyway.

Stevo :wave:


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Did you have a broken fan or so? Normally they should not get that hot :). I once had a broken fan on my old PC, but I noticed that the case was hotter then usual and I replaced the fan before any damage was done.
Hi Arno

Do you mean the CPU fan, if so, It's ok, when i turn on the computer, the Cd drives, harddrive,all the fans start ok, the graphics card does not startup, but I know its not that because I've replaced it with my old PCI card and it's still the same. My motherboard has a D-bracket which has 4 lights that go through the different stages of boot up, and it gets stuck at the Early Chipset Initialization check. And with big chunks of thermal paste falling out from under one of the chipsets, it doesnt look to good.



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Hi Stevo,

Humm, weird. I was more thinking of why it had become that hot in the first place that your mobo is broken. If all your fans are still working OK the CPU should not even become that hot (unless it is not mounted properly maybe).