Moving SBX to a different drive... Huge Files...

Just sharing this... Having to move SBX from C: drive to another drive as its becoming MASSIVE....

I am only doing a few mountains in Phoenix and its getting crazy huge, and now I may be shifting sources for the images... so it will probably get far bigger yet.

Hoping it will go seamless as I mainly need to get the rewiring of its 'save directories' corrected when its done transferring...
Hi Bill:

SBuilderX always stores its downloaded imagery tiles in a nested sub-folder chain, and will look for them there when "View Background" is toggled on in an existing project, based on info it has in a *.SBP project file or a *.SBX Exchange data file.

AFAIK, moving SBuilderX should not confuse that particular mechanism if its install location drive letter changes.

FYI: SBuilderX also checks those sub-folders when the tile down-loader feature is used, to see if a unique 'named' tile for a specific active TileServer is present and IIUC, how old it is, before it allocates time to download any such tile(s) for a user selected area.

Most recently used folder / file paths are stored in the SBuilderX.ini file, and that should be edited immediately after SBuilderX is relocated.