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MSFS 2020 Gunsight/HUD

After several attempts we managed to have a gunsigh for MSFS 2020, stealing the idea to B787.
Simply adding this (undocumented) line to a VCockpit:
The exact meaning f parameters is still undocumented, however it sems that:
- 1st param alpha channel 0 = opaque, 1 full transparency
- 2nd/3rd seems to be position coordinates
- 4th/5th unknown
may someone knows the exact meaning
// gun sight
htmlgauge01=WasmInstrument/WasmInstrument.html?wasm_module=fiat-gina.wasm&wasm_gauge=gunsight, 0,0,1024,1024
However still some issues remain about transparency:
NVGcolor mycolor = nvgRGBAf(255, 255, 255,alpha);
I expected it varies from 0 to 1 to set transparency, but is not, it seems just a multiplier of rgb components.
Another problem is the rendering persistence, expected that drawing a rect before others drawing would refresh the canvas,
but is not, rendering seems persistent, so the only solution i had was to revert to rgb(0,0,0) to erase the circle which is not a nice solution.
Any ideas ?
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nvgRGBAf function get arguments with values from 0.f to 1.0f (float) and default value for alpha is 1.f
nvgRGBA function get arguments with values from 0 to 255 (unsigned char) and default value for alpha is 255.
If alpha channel behavior is not how you intended, maybe to look at NVGcompositeOperation or NVGblendFactor.
I think that persistent you describe is a feature, so you don't need to redraw gauge if nothing has changed (complex map for example) and save computing resources.
Thanks for replay,
will investigate functions you mentioned, yes i need to redraw frequently since i'm trying to mantaing the gunsight collimated using POV accessing functions that SimConnect (should) provide us, but actually all these return void data.