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MSFS MSFS How to turn N-Number off?

Been banging my head against the wall on this.
I'm trying to do a repaint of a 1979 C-152. In that year, Cessna put the N-Number in small characters on the vertical tailplane, so I'd like to turn off the N-Number decals on the fuselage and underside of the wing.

In the aircraft.cfg file:
if I set atc_id= "" The N-Number on the fuselage turns off, but, then ATC doesn't know who I am.
I've tried setting atc_id_enable = 0, "0", and 2, no effect on N-number visibility
I tried setting atc_id_color = "#000000000", hoping that would make it transparent... MSFS ignored it and the N-number is still white. Or maybe transparent is just white?

I have not been able to figure out how the N-number decal is applied to the fuselage.

I searched the SDK and couldn't find any reference to these variables.

Any ideas?
Is it a bug that atc_id_enable doesn't work?

Edit: Apparently atc_id_enable only controls whether the user can edit it in startup UI...

Edit: So if I leave atc_id blank, how does the built in ATC know who I am? Yes, I enjoy using the ATC function in the sim...
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I know this is months later, so I assume that this has already been figured out, however, stumbling across this post, I wanted to give my input since it has gone without reply.

I noticed the other day while digging in the C152 panel.cfg, there are options for a registration number. See here:

size_mm    = 1024, 256
texture    = $RegistrationNumber
location = exterior
painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=000000, 0, 0, 1024, 256

Although I have not tried this to verify if it gets removed, including an updated panel.cfg in your package with this line removed would likely remove the registration from the outside of the aircraft. However, for compatibility reasons, this probably shouldn't be done as it could conflict with other packages, if they include an updated panel.cfg for the 152.
You can look at my N48270 repaint on flightsim.to for an example of how the N-Number can be turned off. It's similar to what you said.

But, it's not super robust as you need to have the panel.xml file for it to work properly. Which we can't get for the premium planes or for addon planes that encrypt their cfg files. Now, it seems somehow people are able to figure out the xml files for planes like the Baron, so there's stuff people know that I haven't found where they are sharing it.