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MTPP Port Au Prince progress

It's been a while since my announcement. So here's an update of the current status of the scenery.

No changes have been made yet to the International terminal, though part remodeling is on the fly and texturing is planned for next week.

Meanwhile the domestic terminal is practically done, only minor adjustments, that take up as much time as the main modeling...

still a few tools and the Ice-Maker missing

but the cable has been fixed! Just not yet recompiled.

Aerogare Guy Malary

Lights on!

And finally started yesterday with the UN camp.

all photos at


I hope to finish the UN camp by the weekend ( I always need at least another day after initial modeling to have another look if I'm still happy with the proportions)

Next week I'm exploring uncharted waters trying to fiddle with light effects and when I'm bored in between I will dash out the clutter for the complimentary library. Everything from Fire engines to unmotivated rusty barrels lurking in the corners.

By the way, Arno, your Model ConverterX has been a tremendous help analyzing vertices and drawcalls! Even I start to understand now how materials work in FS9. Thank you so much again for an extremely useful little tool.


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Very nice looking buildings you have made, great work!
Sounds interesting.

I'm working with the default, haven't moved the airport as such. I only made minor adjustments to the landclass using SBuilder to give it a bit more life around the airport and extended the flatten to get rid of the plateau.

I have latvirt3 freeware installed , disabled PAP, but I think there are still minor adjustments to the coastline and harbour area. An improved coastline would certainly make for nice approaches.

I'm still planning of extending this project to all major airfields in Haiti, which are mostly on the coast as well. I guess that's a yes.
Hey Olli,

I'm running a few preliminary tests now on the roads data, but have to go do some errands, the residential streets are many so this may take a bit to process but I'll do what I can...

Thanks for the nice words.

Hey Dean,

thanks. Sounds promising.

Will your layout affect autogen ? Or will it be possible to realign trees and such?

One of main reasons for my simple landclass modifications was to get "layers" of buildings and trees horizontally to give an impression of depth when sitting at the airport.

Let me know if you need anything.
Hey Olli,

Given the number of roads on Haiti, it may reduce autogen a certain amount, but I'll compile it with major and minor roads being in separate files so users can choose what they prefer...

With Guam, Jim did some vector landclass polygons and they look great and much better than the default, so I'm guessing it'll come together quite well...

Just got back from having to hike 7 miles today (have no car here yet and may be a number of months before I do), wore out one pair of shoes and had to buy new ones to get home... So I haven't had a chance to really play with this yet but I did do some early messing around with it before I headed out earlier...

Hey Dean,

I saw your work on Guam. Looks very nice. Also left you a reply in the thread. Guam is an interesting one.

I've attached a link from Panoramio, which should give an idea what could be important for coast lines around PAP. From either direction on finals you'll have an interesting view.


Saw your trail around the perimeter, looks fun, how 'bout getting a bike?

Guam is definitely turning out to be fun... :)

In terms of a bike, I actually checked Kmart here today and the cheapest was about $185 for a Beach Cruiser, $200+ for something with gears so I'm hoping to see if there's a bicycle store on island. Don't see too many people riding bikes here...

But yeah a bike is in my short list of things to do...
The last time I went to Port Au Prince, a Haitian looked at me as I sat in the plane waiting and he rubbed his tummy almost as if telling me --- "you get off, I eat for lunch." When I noticed he started going up the stairs, I went to the back of the plane and got into the bathroom, I was scared cold, lol.
thanks for the kind words.

The scenery will be for FS9 for the time being, an FSX version is in the making for early 2012.

Mr Faos, I can assure you, I haven't seen strange looking belly rubbing people around the scenery yet, I'll let you know if he turns up.