FS2004 Multiple Textures for Converted API to MDL

Hi Arno

im thinking about converting some api to mdl and placing them in my fs2004 scenery. On experimenting with MDX i find that each mdl has its own textures. Is it possible to have a mdl for say a van have its own textures then repaint another texture say with a logo but use the same mdl. excuse my ignorance just wondering how you would do that in mdx. so that in the end i can 2 vans with same mdl but showing with 2 different textures.




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I've never done it, but I would think all you would need to do is to:

1. Create two different van textures, with different file names (i.e. van_shell.bmp and van_esso.bmp).
2. Load the van into MCX.
3. Click the Materials button and change the texture name to the first name (van_shell.bmp)
4. Export the van with a name like van_shell.mdl
5. Click the Materials button again and change the texture name to the second name (van_esso.bmp).
6. Export the van with a name like van_esso.mdl
7. Add both vans to a library BGL, and add to FS as usual.

Hope this helps,
As you are using the same mdl, do not forget to change the GUID and friendly name for the second mdl before exporting.


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Hi Tom,

As they explained in the previous replies already you will have to make two MDL files. In scenery it is not possible to reuse the MDL like can be done with aircraft and repaints.

But with ModelConverterX it should be rather easy to change the texture file being used for the other version. If you are exporting for FS2004 you don't have to worry about the GUID, since it is not stored in the MDL file. For FSX you would indeed have to make sure you change the GUID as well.
Success it works

Hi Guys

Just to say it worked now know how to make multiple vehicles from a base fs2004 mdl. a lot of repainting methinks lol.

Prospects are endless, great tool arno.