MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0

MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0


Always read the flight manual first.

general update:
- work in FSXA, FSX-SE, P3D v1, v2, v3 and P3D v4
- change VC model.
- massive re-code as compensation of VC change.
- update FDE and VTOL (overall behavior still similar)
- new lighting (system and render)
- minor change on external model, Rel 1.0 livery still work (there slightly different on nacelles/engine)
- add compatibility to use in hoist/sling load

Important note:
1. This package are pre-configure for P3D v4, read Chapter 1 on Flight manual for usage in FSX.
2. Release 1.0 saved file aren't compatible with Release 2.0. if you have installed Osprey for Release 1.0 and ever saved it, then you need to delete all file with extension *.mv22
3. Use this thread or in SOH for question, issue and problem rise while using this package.
4. feel free use your screenshot / video to any website.
5. it may NOT be sold, modified, re-distributed and/or uploaded to other website in any shape or form.
6. Same as Release 1.0, it freeware / Donation-ware.

Thanks to:
1. Allah SWT, GOD all mighty that give me everything.
2. My family for support and time.
3. Rob Barendregt (VTOL gauge Owner)
4. Jonathan Bleeker (C++ expert)
5. Doug Dawson (sound and event log gauge Owner)
6. Bill Leaming (lighting render, texture and other small but wonderful stuff)
7. Josh Stewart (Beta tester and his video)
8. All admin/member who give a hand/help that I can't mention one by one
sorry if there any miss spelling.

Who need a Paintkit: Osprey_Paintikit
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I will give it a try tonight. I have every reason to believe that it will be as good or better than your v 1.0. (Just able to use it in P3Dv4 now!)
I have questions
1/ Is there a 2D panel planned?
2/ can it be used as AI?
3/ I have installed a 2D panel from an other Heli it seams OK but I cannot start the engines ... I hear rhe sound but the propellers do not move
Thanks in advance
Ill let Maryadi or Rob answer 1 and 2.

3/ I have installed a 2D panel from an other Heli it seams OK but I cannot start the engines ... I hear rhe sound but the propellers do not move
This is an extremely complex plane with many custom gauges working together to make the most out of features that you would find in the real life aircraft. Because of this, you must start the v22 using the ECL (Engine Control Levers(Assuming that you are using the 2d panel to start the engines)) on the overhead panel. If this is not the case, could you describe a little more? Does it spawn in with the engine sounds audible but the props arent visually spinning?
I have questions
1/ Is there a 2D panel planned?
2/ can it be used as AI?
3/ I have installed a 2D panel from an other Heli it seams OK but I cannot start the engines ... I hear rhe sound but the propellers do not move
Thanks in advance
1. No. never plan to make any 2D panel since I start this aircraft.
2. it very complex aircraft, which is breakthrough the limit of FSX/P3D. for AI I think it will not work completely.
3. as @Heater said (my beta tester) and I make addition on that: most of each of animation, VTOL, PFD/MFD, extra sound are working together and dependent to each other. if you bypass it will make some part not work. things you can do for 2D gauge is monitoring only, do not give any command. all command should use switch /button /knob /lever from VC (3D gauge).

I know it need learning curve, but this is compensation to get as real as it can
Maryadi, I must amend my post from yesterday. This bird flies MUCH better than v1.0! The hover is so smooth, I can't believe it. My hat is off to both you and Rob for a job well done.

P.S. Keep up the good work.


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First off, awesome job. I have been patiently waiting on the P3Dv4 version for some time. I'm glad it's finally out. I had your previous version for P3Dv3, but I never got around to flying it before I upgraded to P3Dv4. Quick question for you.. I have read through the manual this morning. There is quite a bit of information to ingest, so I very well could have missed something. However, I was able to get the engines started and learn how to lock, fold and etc, but I haven't been able to figure out how to decrease the Nacelles angle from it's starting VTOL configuration. How is this done? I am using FSUIPC and loaded the aircraft from another (Jetranger) Cold and Dark scenario.

I would appreciate anyone's input.

sorry guys, Drobox was suspended due to I use free account and the download traffic for release 2.0 exceeding the limit.
for second option I give google drive link.
sorry for inconvinient
@kalong First of all, THANK YOU so much for this amazing aircraft. It's really something special to be able to use this truly unique aircraft. Secondly. After scouring the user manual, I've found that it states: VOR / ILS. VOR-1/ILS on left side and VOR-2/ILS on right side of CDU. There no standby frequency. Input only accept for VOR/ILS frequency only: 108 - 117.95 MHz.
Input VOR1/ILS and VOR2/ILS button also activate which navigation in use with autopilot. Always use VOR1/ILS as primary navigation as only VOR1/ILS has course knob on autopilot panel and has deviation bar on HSI indicator. VOR2/ILS only have direction arrow.
VOR1/ILS and VOR2/ILS only work automatic if master autopilot active and navigation system use NAV.

That being said, I can't find a way to actually change the VOR-1/ILS or VOR-2/ILS frequency. I've tried clicking the button next to VOR-1/2, attempted typing using the buttons on the CDU, nothing works. Any ideas?


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See the introduction of section
This applies to all numbered input in the CDU-EICAS screen (Com, NAV freq, etc..)

So, on your normal keyboard (NOT the VC keyboard):
- Press the TAB key and keep it depressed.
- Type the freq. , eg. 102.700.
The numbers you type show on the left/bottom of the EICAS screen. Use Backspace to correct errors.
- Release the TAB key

And click the button left of "VOR1/ILS" .
This sets VOR1 freq. to 102.700

to change the use of VOR1 and VOR2 are using button on autopilot at VOR/ILS button, when NAV-VOR active it will display 1 NAV or 2 NAV. when NAV-GPS active NAV-VOR only display ARM. to activate NAV GPS use WYPT button still on autopilot panel.
@kalong @rcbarend Thanks for the help! I've got a friend who has P3D v4 Pro, but he's not seeing the Osprey under his vehicle list. Does this aircraft support the Pro version? Also, I noticed quite a few of the overhead panel buttons do not illuminate, and the rotor tip lights do not light up no matter the brightness, top/bottom, or norm/nvg options. Any fixes?


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Cant say for sure (maybe Maryadi can) but I very much doubt that it won't work in the PRO version. Would be the first time I heard of such thing.
Most probably he didn't install it correctly.

As to the panelbuttons not being lit: Please post a screenshot of the Overhead panel, so we can check what (most probably) you are forgetting .. (APU, Avionics, MasterBattery ON ?? )
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