MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0

Hey guys, sorry about the late reply.
So in order for me to install C++ 2015 redistributable, I had to uninstall c++ 2017 x86 and x64. This worked and let me install c++2015. When I started up P3D, I received an error saying that I needed c++2017 installed. But when I did reinstall the C++ 2017, it uninstalled 2015! I attempted this twice.

It seems like I cant have both installed. I found this excerpt on another forum: "The Visual C++ 2017 RC Redistributable is a binary-compatible in-place upgrade of the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable and shares the same registry keys."
View attachment 40923 View attachment 40924 I just want to make sure that this isnt an issue Im having. Im pretty sure the displays are supposed to look like this. I just remember Maryadi saying that he might have a solution to dark displays when it is dusk or dawn. Now in my pictures it is midday, but the sun is blocked out either by clouds or shadow from the aircraft. The displays dont seem to have the "illlumination" effect created by LCD displays, and is a little hard for me to read the text. I was just wondering if Maryadi was going to implement anything for this. If not, its totally all good.

Have a nice Saturday guys!
OK. I'll do some update.
in mater gauge brightness:
today making try and error and hit the wall of FSX ( I test using it) limitation.
gauge screen can't use additive at emissive mode, the best mode is multiplyblend, which is multiplyblend doesn't render at day light.

so conclussion:
for user that use custom shader must aware that got darker gauge on gauge screen. custom at your best shader setting.
When I try to change "Hg" altimeter setting, it will not enter correctly on the screen when I push the "Alt" button. it enters a number about 10 Hg higher. Example, when I enter 2992 in the lower left using the TAB key, when I click on the "ALT" button, a different number appears (usually 30.12).

Appreciate any assistance and thank you for a great freeware aircraft.