My first complete model in 3dsMax


Resource contributor
Oh, I know that feeling.

Might be worth making the source files available. Maybe someone will pick it up.
Hmm...never considered it...I think I will go back to it once this is done...Just need to bring it into 3dsMax.
Here is a progress pic....
Nose has been tweaked, doghouse now has access panels modeled, hole cut for rotor, exhaust has been pulled back further

Doghouse access steps have been made...
Fuel neck made and new door rails for the cabin doors.
Played with the materials to show off the panel lines
latest render...Redid the nose portion yet again and reduced the size of some of the panel lines. including the rear clamshell doors.
Nice to see you here. And it brings some nice memories back to me. Go on with your work on the Bell 429. Looks brilliant to me.