FSX My FSX object library is broken

To begin with, I have not done any FS2004 design. Having said that, some years ago I created a bunch of FSX sceneries and with that my own Library with the Library Creator X (2.0.4) and it worked fine, the models were all FSX models (I repeat).

Today I tried to read my library and it showed all my objects in RED, now all the objects have their GUID empty and if I try to re-insert it with the same model it says it is an FS2004 model or so when it is really an FSX model (I repeat I have NEVER created FS9 models and I used them before in FSX in my FSX lib).

So, why is that? How can I fix that? If I need to re-add them I will need to preserve the GUID to the one I had registered before or all my sceneries will be broken and will be a pain to go through all the objects.
Hi Emilio:

Until Arno has some time to reply, just an idea:

Load your scenery object library BGL into Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") and examine the GUID format for each MDL to see whether it is the FS9 or FSX alpha-numeric format.

You may opt to utilize the "Batch Convert" functions as needed:


Hope this helps ! :)


PS: I linked to this same info in my reply to your other thread ...here:



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If they are shown in red the mdl files are not found. Check your xml file, maybe it uses absolute paths that are not valid anymore.

Or create a new library with your mdl files. For FSX the guids are in the mdl, so they won't change.