P3D v4 My photo scenery disappearing around the aircraft

I've made my first photoscenery using SBuilderX 1.15. Photoscenery works good everywhere except the area arround my aircraft (see picture). When I move my aircraft, the area without the photoscenery also is moving.
Please, help.




Imagery sources downloaded and compiled by SDK Resample via SBuilderX must be at least ZOOM level 15.\

Otherwise, the *.INF file must be manually edited to force output at a resolution of least LOD-13 ...in order for it to be displayed by the FS terrain rendering sub-system at run time.

Most imagery tile servers offer imagery which is at least ZOOM level 15 (1.2 Meters per pixel = FS default land class texture resolution).

Thank you for reply.
I prepared photoscenery of the large area on my road at flight level at zoom 13, zoom 15 for an approach and zoom 17 for the airport.

Should I edit SBuilderX.ini? What and where add in order to force LOD-13?

Hi again:

When a background map is 'selected' in the work-space for compilation into a custom photo-real imagery BGL, SBuilderX outputs:

* A *.BMP 1-piece file copy of the 'selected' imagery tile mosaic

* A *.TXT Geo-referencing 'world' file

* A *.INF SDK Resample file


[SBuilderX install path]\Tools\Work


* SDK Resample cannot output BGL files larger than 2 GB in size

* SBuilderX 'may' have a 'working data set' size limit that is smaller than 2 GB, for source files processed and submitted to SDK Resample

Please post in a reply here, the file size in MB for each *.BMP file you intend to compile to BGL, including any Night / Seasonal *.BMPs.

We can then advise you on manual edits that might be made to each of the above cited *.INF files for your *.BMPs.

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If it's disappearing around the aircraft, you could have your LOD set too low in the compile parameters. I had the same issue.

Under your [DESTINATION] call in the *.INF file, this is what you should have - note that this is an example from my Mount St. Helens Pre-1980 scenery.

DestDir = "."
DestBaseFileName = "MSH_Pre_1980_Aerial_Final"
DestFileType = BGL
LOD = 6,16
UseSourceDimensions = 1
CompressionQuality = 100

Under LOD if you have it set to this, it is almost guaranteed that it will not disappear. Also, try compiling the INF separately.

Good luck!
Hi Patrick:

With FSX sliders for terrain mesh and textures all max right, you will more accurately be able to work with scenery.

IIUC, you want to use (3) different resolutions in a local scenery area, which 'may' overlap each other Geographically:

Airport - Zoom level 17 (compiles to approximately LOD-17); equivalent to 1 pixel for every 30 cm on ground

Approach - Zoom level 15 (compiles to approximately LOD-15); equivalent to 1 pixel for every 1.2 M on ground

Road Area - Zoom level 13 (compiles to approximately LOD-13); equivalent to 1 pixel for every 4.8 M on ground

NOTE: For more info on LODs, see: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/flattens.425495/post-633002

Depending on how large of an area on the ground is covered by each of the above imagery source data sets:

* You 'may' be able to fit all that source data into a working set that SBuilderX can manage

...and if you use a *.INF parameter value of LOD=6,16:

* You 'may' be able to get SDK Resample to output a a single multi-LOD BGL which is less than 2 GB in size

However, you may have (2) problems as a result: :alert:

1.) Your Zoom level 17 imagery will only be 1/2 the original source data resolution at a max of LOD-16.

At best, you could try instead, LOD=6,AUTO ;)

However, this would likely still result in another problem: :scratchch

2.) Your (3) Zoom levels of imagery may display with unpredictable LODs based on user aircraft camera distance AGL

FYI: One will not see the 30cm imagery at its full resolution at in-flight altitudes, and will instead only see lower MIPMAPs / lower LODs of the custom photo-real aerial imagery when not in close proximity to the ground at the airport, so there is IMHO, no need to put all LODs into every < huge ! :yikes:> BGL for the areas in between or surrounding such airports, as the highest MIPMAP / LODs will only be seen in FS at lower altitudes and/or while on the FS ground itself. :alert:

Thus, depending on what you intend to do with water masking and blend masking for your custom photo-real land class made via FS SDK Resample, you may wish to consider the work-flow suggested by Holger Sandmann ...here: :teacher:


...and here:



PS: If you are successful implementing use of multiple custom photo-real aerial imagery BGL's with differing LODs in each BGL that is mapped to overlay the same Geographic coverage extents on the ground, you 'may' still consider utilizing that option via the Resample "LOD" [Destination] output Parameter value (since your 30cm source data derived FS SDK Resample BGL sizes might still be rather large for the project area):


...subject to this cautionary note by ACES for numerous files overlapping the same Geographic extents:


Some additional links to explore for the latter 'separate LODs per BGL' option:


Some additional methods reported to work properly with "sequenced" LODs for source data within a SDK Resample *.INF:


Hope these ideas help with your project. :)

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