P3D v4 My taxi lines and skids are disappearing

That is alright. No problem.
I see nothing in your png that is not as it should be. Are you using the correct bglcomp.exe?
How come the ground model (not the GP) was above the altitude of the airport? And how come the skid and taxi lines show up floating above the base layer.
Something is wrong there as that should not be the case. Is your photo real ground model flat?
What is the elevation of your photo real ground model? It is above the ground poly in your picture and does not seem to be a part of it.
Does your photo real ground model (if it is flat?) have its model center at 0? Use the move function in MCX uncheck 'ignore z' and click 'center'.
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In MCX, object information: what are the Z values for your object? I am not speaking of the GP's but of the photo real ground object you made with SketchUp.
Then the reference point of the photo image is not at the same elevation as the GP's. That is what I was trying to make clear. The photo image must also have a layer if I am not mistaken (the bottom one). I think it should be merged with the GP's first.
It’s already merged and set to layer -8 and then all the other stuff comes. Also I double check the the Z = 0. So would you like me to separate those 2 models?

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I’ve merged them in the modeling software (Blender) but as it seems like it’s not the problem here. The problem here is with the 2 base layers (asphalt and runway). I confirmed that but separating those 2 layers to another file and then I say that the layers are below the ground. What could it possibly be?

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I am not sure I understand you. You used blender to merge what?
Each layer is a different mdl (hopefully with the same point of origin and the same 0 origin elevation). You then merge them into one mdl with MCX. You import this mdl into the MCX GPW, make sure the layer numbers are OK and compile as explained earlier on.
I will explain how I have done this GP from start to end and what’s the problem.

Steps I took:
1. I made the photo using sketchup.
2. I converted the model in MCX (just a recompile) and imported it to blender.
3. I made all of my layers (base, marks, skids etc...).
4. (Current stage) I’m trying to convert the GP.

The problem:
My 2 base layers aren’t in place

It’s all ok with the photo in my opinion.

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I suggest to do the following steps:
1. You made the photo using sketchup? OK..
2. You convert the .dae in MCX to mdl (make sure your mdl is flat and the point of origin is at 0 level).
3. You made all your layers (base, marks, skids etc...) with ADE_GP? Then Import the xxx_gp.bgl in MCX and merge the various mdl's including the mdl converted from your dae into 1 single mdl.
4. import this mdl in the GPW and compile.