My Wish: How FS Uses the CPU

Since I have finally begun spending some serious time "diving in" to FSX, I have noticed lots of little things that could be improved thing that really stands out is the limitation on how FSX uses a CPU.

While watching execution of many phases of FSX with the Task Manager/Performance window open, it shows that FSX, probably out of necessity, remains basically a single-CPU animal. While there is multi-threading obviously going on, and in my case on a quad-core Intel, three of the four cores have very little use, and only on periodic occasion.

My wish for the next generation of FS, would be to have it coded such that the USER has the ability to adjust execution to some degree such that a multi-core CPU could make much better use of its horsepower. This could be done automatically by FS or the user could specify a selection to use multi-core processing as an example.

Anyway, seems sad to waste all that computing power and have FS choking on large-poly count planes and scenery when it might not have to :D

Cheers/Regards -- Bob --- ;)