My wish list

Hi all!

1. No need to reboot FS after any modification to the scenery librairy, be it AFCAD or new scenery elements installation
2. Early release of the various SDK. How come they are released months after the sim has been made available to the public ?
3. The possibility to install GMAX along with FS and the subsequent release of any FS gamepack within the FS cd's. No need to download more stuff anymore.
4. More interaction from Microsoft FS Team. Their silence is really strange. After all, by making files available to the public, designers keep the product alive. Maybe the FS Team could share some of their experience in building the sim with the rest of the community.

That's it for now. :wave:
I might have much more wishes but these two will suffice for now:
- tools that MS uses to create scenery to be available for normal mortals too
- more work on dynamic scenery part. The ground traffic is inadequate mainly because of lacking stuff of interaction pilot-ground equipment and also between dynamic scenery and dynamic scenery object (vehicle). It has just too few options

That's for the start ;)


FSDevConf team
My Wish List for FS Design

I'd just love to see the following included in an upcoming FS release:
  • Gmax options for setting seasonal texture display and object display
  • Gmax options for doing random animations and animations that take FS variables as conditions for display such as aircraft position, etc.
  • Native Gmax support for rotate-to-user and rotate-to-wind
  • A method for creating high-resolution ground polys that are mesh-clinging
  • Mesh-clinging, sloping runways (could be done by using the above mentioned hi-res ground poly idea)
  • Scenery objects that are better integrated into the overall visual experience with things like lights that illuminate both runways and scenery objects (and of course, aircraft themselves!)
  • Ability to create trees and vegetation with the same non-shaded, non-shadowed look as the autogen vegetation
  • Ooh, and I almost forgot... I'd love to see the z-order problem solved when using DXT3 textures on semi-transparent objects. Right now, even in the default FS objects, aircraft and clouds appear in front of such surfaces no matter where they are in the drawing order.
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one more

Hi again. I was also thinking about the possibility to set properties for taxiways. This way aircraft would enter one way and leave another, just like at LFPG's Terminal One Loop Alpha. Maybe this will be achieved through Afcad though.
And also more librairies for scenery designers including an effect librairy. Placing them would then become a much faster process than it is today.