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Nav2 and Com1 or 2 variables in fs9

I am not quite familiar with GMAX/XML yet but in SCASM and BGLC there are some general FS variables ampngst which are also COM1, NAV1, NAV2, ADF frequencies. For ADF variable code is 7BC for example and reading this variable gets You the frequency pilot has tuned in. They are really neat to use for example in frequency controlled animations and so on.

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I do know that the NAV2 (07C2) variable works fine in Fs2004, so I assume the others do also still work.

But you can not use them in XML, only in SCASM/BGLC code.
OK, thaks guys. :)

I'll try to make russian type approach lights - OVI-1 with conditioning display.
To save you the math conversion you can also write it like 1800h in BGLC. So if you want to check if the NAV2 is 112.00 for example you could write:

IFIN1 label, 07C2h, 1200h, 1200h
COM2 variable?

Hi. I am making rwy lights for a small scenery and would like to make them pilot controlled using a frequency on COM2. The variable name for COM1 is 7BE, but I cannot find information on the variable name for COM2. Does anyone here know?
I had a look in the Fs98 SDK (that lists most variables of all SDKs) and even there I could not find the COM2, so I guess it is not available to the scenery.
I don't have FS98SDK help with me but Arno, if You can, it is the one named pvfreq (nvfreq=NAV1). But I haven't tested it if it works though...

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pvfreq is the NAV2 frequency as far as I know, and it is at variable 0C72. I could only find the COM1, NAV1 and NAV2 in the list.

Here is the list from the SDK:

;&adf_freq	      equ	007bch
cmfreq	              equ	007beh
nvfreq	              equ	007c0h
pvfreq	              equ	007c2h
;&trans_freq	      equ	007c4h
;&adf_ext_freq        equ	007c6h
;&trans_ident_flg     equ	007c8h
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:eek: Ups, my two pair of eyes haven't read correctly. You were asking for COM2, not NAV2. Sorry, my mistake...
COM2 variable?

Ok, thanks for your replies. I will have to use NAV1 for that purpose then (it's tested and works fine).