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I am building an FSX server, which is good alpha software right now. I have rewritten my own simconnect sdk/api so that I do not have to use any of the microsoft simconnect api and can connect directly to FSX with my own socket based program. Considerable work has gone into this effort. The FSX server I am building will be released in two versions, one of which will be free. The FSX server will have the ability to connect multiple servers together so that pilots can be ‘shared’ between servers.
So you are probably saying to yourself ‘get to the point already’. Well the reason I am writing you is that I have failed to obtain a way to read the FSX and FS2004 BGL files to obtain navigation data, i.e. airports, ils, vor’s, ndb’s etc. There seems to be no documentation available online regarding the format of BGL files. Also most of the BGL to XML conversion programs do not actually decompile most BGL files. It is essential that I find a method to extract the navigation data from FSX and FS2004.
Some help please?
Obviously some have figured out how to extract data from FSX / FS2004, the FS2004 examples being FSNavigator and ATC Radar 5.0, so I know this is possible. What I am looking for is the documentation regrading the BGL formats used in FSX /FS2004. I will write my own decompiling utility, unless someone has one that works that they would like to share.


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On a side note: this is my first post here at FSDeveloper, my apologies if this post is in the wrong area.


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There is information about the format of FS9 and FSX Bgl files. Also most of the decompilers will read the navigation data. This is on APxxx.bgl and NVxxx.bgl files. If you search this site you will find there is documentation in the Wiki and Winfried Orthmann has updated his document on bgl formats.

Be aware that the format of Bgl files is proprietary to Microsoft.

Bgl2Xml, BglXml and BglAnalyze (in two forms) are all utilities that decode the information you are looking for into Xml that can be further processed. Depending on the language you are writing in BglXml (in C or C++) certainly has source code available for some versions
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I found what I was looking for, finally after 4 hours of searching, and then another developer pointed me in the right direction. I would like to thank that person who sent the mail!!!!!!!!
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