Neat little trick I just learned...

Figure I will share with you guys (some may already know this) I learned a really cool trick yesterday to get parts to flow flawlessly with other parts...for example I have the rain gutters modeled on the front doors and they match perfectly with the rest of the fuselage. The trick this... say I want to add a ridge to this sphere

Make a box and do your adjustments (champfering and what not...basically get it in the shape you want) Make sure you have enough geometery needed for it to mold smoothly.


Now make a plane with enough enough geometery too. Also make sure that it is lined with the backside of the box you made...



convert your plane to an editable poly, and go back to your box and add a skin wrap modifier. Click add and click on the plane you made...

Now move the plane to where you want the box to be wrapped...if you did it correctly, the box will move with the plane...


Click up on graphite tools, and the freeform tab. In this drop down select draw on surface and then click pick, and the object you want the box to conform to. In this case it is the sphere

Then click on Conform and paint over the plane. You should get a result like this...


Collapse the box stack, and delete the plane..


Voila! :D
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