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need help with glass....

I am still having the same issue with glass. I am working on the Prince George airport (CYXS) and before I start on the mostly-glass terminal, I did some hangars and the control tower....Problem is the same one I had before. The glass appears in GMAX but WAY the heck over there, somewhere else. NOT where it appears in gmax. I think arno said this might be an issue with the FS2004 SDK, but I have never seen the fix.

Here are some screenshots of what I have.

I know there is an answer to this issue, I just don't know. Please, treat me like an idiot, because I am one. Step me through the fix.



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Hi Brian,

Are you using animations or attachpoints in your scene? These usually cause this offset (it is a bug in the way the transformation matrices are written by MakeMDL).

Sometimes you can fix these problems in the ASM code, but to give you good tips on that I need to know if you used animations or attachpoints (and maybe see a bit of the code as well).
Attach points

I have an attachpoint for 4 red nav lights and for the airport beacon. HOW do I fix it please? Please tell me :) BTW I cannot get Middleman or MDL Commander to work, and adding the KEEP=1 line to Makemdl.cfg does nothing, so I have no ASM files to share. I used to be able to get it to work, but I get a makemdl.part.xml missing error when I use the two "helper" programs. The .xml file is there, it just seems to not matter.

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Unless you feel a need to save the *.X file, there really is not much need for mdlcommander or middleman when using the FS2004 gamepack. The simple makemdl.cfg file with the Keep=1 should be sufficiant to save the *.asm files.

The makemdl.part.xml file is for aircraft animations and is not used for scenery objects so it should not be called UNLESS you have an object in your scene that has a name that is used in the makemdl.part.xml... which can cause problems when trying to export a scenery model.

After analizing the one of the stock FS2004 scenery models, in this case, the small_tower2.mdl, I have found that they usually consist of a single mesh for each LOD using a Multi-Material consisting of the material with the texture and another for the glass. The heirarchy would look something like this:

small_tower2 (dummy at 0,0,0)
small_tower2_LOD_100 (dummy at 0,0,0)​
small_tower_100 (the actual LOD 100 mesh)​
small_tower2_LOD_80 (dummy at 0,0,0)​
small_tower_80 (the actual LOD 80 mesh)​
small_tower2_LOD_50 (dummy at 0,0,0)​
small_tower_50 (the actual LOD 50 mesh)​
small_tower2_LOD_10 (dummy at 0,0,0)​
small_tower_10 (the actual LOD 10 mesh)​

Hi Brian,

As Lou already said I think using a simple CFG file should be enough for you. All you have to write in it is this:


That should give you the ASM files on export as well. Without seeing them it is hard for me to give you good advice on the tweaks needed to solve your problem.
I already tried that, making a makemdl.cfg with Keep=1 and it still won't keep the ASM files...so I am freaking out about it a little :)


I had a similar problem a long time back with a piece of glass going it's own way. I believe I was able to resolve the problem by selecting the object and then using reset transform and scale from the hiarchery tab.

You might try that - hope it helps.
I was sure hoping that was it because when I have made Virtual Cockpits in the past that has solved some issues, but it did not solve the problem. I am just absolutely frustrated with this.

Something tells me that perhaps your setup is just not right. How is your gmax directory structure set up? Have a look at this and maybe it will give you some clues.


I already tried that, making a makemdl.cfg with Keep=1 and it still won't keep the ASM files...so I am freaking out about it a little :)

Are you sure you also added the [Options] part, it is needed? And are you sure that you have placed the CFG file in your GMax plugin folder, where MakeMDL.exe also is? You might also want to double check if the extension is really cfg, if you have windows set to hide file extensions it might very well be cfg.txt now.
I'm having the same problem. My hanger has an animated door. Any objects that are not 100% opaque a) become displaced and b) move with the door. Attaching, linking, or grouping the problem object to another object has no effect. mikrco's suggestion didn't help. :confused:

Hi Sid,

For animations this can only be fixed by tweaking the ASM code manually. If your transparant is a normal one (so it has no animations or stuff like that) it can usually be fixed by let it be drawn before the animations are. By default they are drawn after the animations, but that means any transformation applied for the animation also affects them.
I already tried that, making a makemdl.cfg with Keep=1 and it still won't keep the ASM files...so I am freaking out about it a little

If you are using MDL Commander or Middleman you renamed the makemdl.exe file to something else. I think the cfg file should be renamed to the same thing.

Hope this helps,
Holy cow! I found out how to fix it, and without having to fork around with the asm code! :wizard:

After reading After reading Arno's last post, it occured to me that maybe if the transparent object itself (the window) was also animated, it would unattach itself from any other animated objects (the door). I "animated" the window by moving it in the smallest possible increment. It worked. The movement is so small that it is unnoticeable to the viewer, but the window now stays where I put it. I duplicated the window just to make sure it would still work, and it did. The pic shows the two windows, in place, while the animated door is moving. :D

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