FS2004 Need help with light texture problem

Hello all

I am currently working on textures virtual cockpit for a day trying to make light of the card but nothing to do this does not work, I have yet followed the tutorial by Nick Pike but there is a step that I have difficulty understanding .
This piece of the stage or the image must be reversed on Y.
Why should we do? and it must also manually change the Y axis of the piece that you want texture?

One can someone explain it for I m I tried many things but so far so neither did.

The only trick to have gauges that show the night s c correctly is to make night textures and copy any of the category [Vcokpit] and not change the texture by adding _LM that n is not the way normal c is clear.
I wanted to know whether it was necessary to give a specific property of the material piece for the night to light the lights at night, if so which
I do modeling on FSDS 3.0 and my plane is intended to FS 2004 and FSX.
Can I put the result screens for now if anyone wants one.
Hopes that someone will want a well-m help to understand how the lights at night.

Thank you to those who are willing to help.



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Sorry, do not understand what you are asking.

Yes, you must flip the night textures. You should not flip the polygon, nor its mapping. The night textures must be flipped as compared to the day texture.

I do not know what "night s c" is. You do not use _LM textures, you use _L textures. I do not know what "n" or "c" is.

Hope this helps,
Hello Tgibson and thank you for your answer,

Afflicted for this tradive answer. In made my major problem is that J have textures for the gauges which S posts the day very well but the night C is as Ci I N then did not have textures qu it is quite present. J have tests textures of night which it S posts very well (_LM) I notch in FSDS the box NR and the result is that my texture of night posts perfect.
For textures of chart of light which do have I to reverse on Y? example: The texture pan1.bmp is what which corresponds thus has L basic image of luminous texture pan1.bmp must be to reverse compared to texture pan1_L.bmp in the file textures L plane?

for example here 2 images:


That remains an example but is that is that, must I put my basic texture (pan1.bmp) to reverse on Y in the model and then to replace texture (pan1_L.bmp) as if texture had been applies in the good sense whereas east is necessary. Is this that or not? Really afflicted but have tests much thing and follow-up plusior tutoriel and I swim one can. After is there a special material for the part panel light, and which is the subnom has gives at piece-rates, and finally for Switch_Panel_Light I must add a special subname too?

Thank you Tom


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I'm not sure what you are trying to ask here.

In GMAX or FSDS you map the $pan1.bmp texture (an image of your panel or individual gauges) to the VC panel (or each little circle/square where you want a gauge to appear).

Then you include in the plane's texture folder an image called pan1_L.bmp that has the night lighting on it. This can be as simple as a black image with yellow circles (round gauges) or white squares (glass cockpit gauges). This image must be flipped vertically once you have created it.

Hope this helps,
Hello Tom,

Thank you for your precise details.
In made east can be me which am not precise in the problem that I meet because some is what I make as texture of light the problem remains the same one, is for that which I will put to you with precision the detail of each part with their property and of the same for textures.

Here my cockpit virtual sight in FSDS

took for example the part surrounds in red.
You can see their name and under name

On this image you can observe the properties of the part

It is possible that in the material I would be horn but as I really do not know has what serves the different color, can be that my problem is precisely...
Here the property of textures in FSDS.
On the other hand on is this image there a thing to which I do not know dutout has what that serves is what I have you entourre in yellow, is what fallback color?
Does that have T it a particular role?

Here now in FS 2004
In full day

In the twilight

the night

is strange at the time of the night the gauges disappears, why that made Ca I do not understand.

And here seen in DXT.BMP the property of my texture

Texture origin that have activates in the panel.cfg

And light textures it

There is can be a problem on the level of textures but which?

I do not understand why in any case that the gauges disappears soudainememt one moment has gives precise because is I think the moment or the twilight passes to the night that disappears.
See errors which could have made as well in the property of the parts as in texures?

Here I do not think of having to forget anything, but hopes that you will arrive have to understand or come my problem because very honestly have make test with step badly of different texture as well as materials and I really do not see how one makes.
I am sorry for errors qu it could have there in the text but I speak very badly English, hopes that you to go has to include/understand.
In any case I thank you for time that you m grant.



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Try unchecking the LightMap/Alpha setting in your Texture Properties. I do not use FSDS, but in GMAX we do not set the $VC texture to use the night texture.

Hope this helps,
Ok Tom

I will test and to make test as of the tomorrow and I hold you to inform.
Thank you very much for your assistance