P3D v4 Need help with Photoshop nVidia DDS settings


It's been a while since I worked with DDS textures. Anyway, I can't seem to get the nVidia Texture Tools plugin for Photoshop 2019 to export a dds format that Image Tool can read. I created a simple dds dxt5 format file which had an (8-bit) alpha channel and no mipmaps, and saved it using the tool, but Image Tool rejects the saved dds file. Anyone know why, or perhaps recommend another dds tool which save alpha?



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That's normal that imagetool doesn't read the dds files created by the NVIDIA plugin. It's a long standing bug in Imagetool.
OK thanks. In the end I stuck with Image Tool and used tga format to preserve alpha from Photoshop and so far I have not seen any problems.