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I have designed a Gauge and it has no where to go. I have tried the SDk and FSpanel and cannot figure out the tutorials. I have tried four times to create a simple FuelPressuregauge and I cannot get a preview test. The first tutorial was no problem with the Cessna 172. I cannot get any further. What am I missing? Maybe the tutorial was too easy for me to accomplish.
:) Where does the Gauge files go? Does it have to into a CAB folder? Frank!
I found I haven't the stamina to learn how to make XML gauges. It's a lot of hard work and very stessfull. I'll have to find a complete XML panel for the Fokker 28-1000 and wait a few years for the XML gauges to appear. Thanking you all kindly: Frank!


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I hope you meant "patience," since if stamina were required I'd be lost... I have problems simply sitting in my desk chair all day and using the keyboard and mouse! :)

Learning how to script XML isn't something that anyone can learn overnight. I've been at it for nearly six years and still scratch my head occasionally. ;)
If by "preview test" you mean the Aces Editor, then I understand your pain. It works on my PC at work, but only sporadically on my PC at home. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it'll display the gauge, other times not. (With the same file.)

I gave up on XML and switched to C gauges and never looked back. (That was helped by me having 15 years of C/C++ industry experience.)

I have accomplished what I had started to do, and that is to find out what is involved in designing FSX gauges and making them work. Designing is no problem, it's the programming that I lack. Being an 80 year old senior, I don't believe I could learn C++ or FSX programming in a small space of time. Thank you for your comments. I am useing a default Panel now for the Fokker 28 aircraft and getting some flying in. A special thanks to all the programmers out there that are doing magnificent work. Frank!
One thing I cannot figure out yet and that is...The aircraft has a cruise speed of 849 km/hr (528 mph) and I get an overspeed at around 300 knots. I cannot figure out how to estimate drawing the required lines and if it can be programmed to warn of an overspeed at 530 Knots/mph. Frank!


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Would that be indicated or true airspeed or groundspeed, and at what altitude?.. :)
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I usually fly at about 2500 feet otherwise I get airsick. :D

I guess there is more to designing than I antisapated. Frank!


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Dont lose faith or hope or enthusiasm...

Remember that there are tons of examples in the base pack stock aircraft in FS. With that, you can modify them to work with your graphics. On making other things work, if you run into a corner where you cannot find a 'direction' or pathway that FS doesnt have, then use your imagination and recources. For instance, you could create a fake fuel pressure (if you needed too) which ran on 'switch on (power)' and also with RPM. What the sim pilot is looking at is a dial. What is in the code is another thing. :D