Need Help

Hi Everyone. :confused:

I need some help for creating a panel with my own guages from scratch.

1 - What do I need to make a panel for FS 2004/FSX?

2 - What do I need to make Guages for FS 2004/FSX?

I am creating a Aero Commanber 500 with Virtual Cockpit for FSX.

3 - How does one make Guages for a Virtual Cockpit.

Thank you, I need some helps since I am new ad making airplanes.


Resource contributor

The answer to all your prayers lies in the SDK documents, and in these forums. I do not mean to be nasty, but it is true. Search & read, that´s what they told me when I started out! :D

If you want to create a good Aero Commander 500, make sure to check out Milton Shupe's gmax source files at the FFDS libraries. Quite possibly most of the modelling work is done for you already!