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MSFS Need some assist with ADE

I am new to ADE but have used tools like this in past years. I installed and updated ADE with the HF4 and HF5 files. I ran and configured the paths successfully. I started a project with an existing custom created airport bgl. It was KTNT from flightsim.to. I added the ILS and ils/gs objects to the airport. Saved the project. Used the tools to verify paths and all is solid.

I start MSFS and have it running in the background. When I select build project it seems to launch build and very quickly the do you want to copy to Community box pops up. I select yes.

No errors are indicated. However when I check the package in the Community folder there is no new bgl file.

Why is it not generating the new bgl file in the Scenery folder?
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Here is the XML from ADE for the project. It is bombing during a build. Will not load into the SDK dev tool in MSFS 2020 either. Can anyone look and see what might be wrong? I am using the HF5 version of ADE. I used the KTNT airport scenery as the starting point and added the ILS, markers, NDBs etc to the project and exported the XML. The build process appears to complete but no bgl and empty folders in the package.


  • KTNT.zip
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Was finally able to get a build after finally seeing the errors in the console window and correcting them. Now trying to figure out why no ils signals even though they are in the build. Anyone have a clue? Attached is new xml that generated a bgl.


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Well, tweaked a couple of objects in ADE and now no build or console window. MSFS 2020 did an update on the standard package this morning... frustrating