.NET and gauges

I had posted this in the SimConnect forum but I thought I'd repost this crazy idea here. Is anyone playing with .NET inside gauge code?

I think there are very interesting possibilities here using C++ interop and C# combinations without any performance problems. My main driver is that the .NET library opens options inside FS DLLs that would be somewhat more time consuming to implement in C++.

Thus far, this trek has required for me to write a complete replacement of the managed simconnect.dll as delivered in the current SDK. The primary reason is the lack of support outside message loops, and not all unmanaged functionality implemented (example, tagged data request). This took a lot more time than I had anticipated, just because of the custom marshaling that needs to be done to convert devilish pointers so familiar to C or C++ and a cultural no-no in C# and the garbage collected pure OO model.

I'm primarily interested in events and remoting for gauges, which expands the functionality of a UI inside FS.

Just a crazy idea...
I'm certainly interested. I'm a brand spanking new neophyte to the aircraft/sim development area but I want to create a FSX add-on aircraft from scratch including the gauges and functionality. I have Visual Studio 2003 and although I use VB.NET for most things I would think learning C.NET would be easier for me if I could use it to design gauges. I'm not sure if this is possible or worth the effort.

I'm trying to figure out if I'll need to purchase C++ and try learning that in this little venture...