New AI ship for sim oceans

A new AI ship has been released for the Simulator Seas. It is the heavy / yacht carrier "Dockwise Explorer" which can be downloaded as freeware from the website (registration required).

The ship does not only sail in the coastal areas, but also crosses the seas and oceans. Compatibility for FSX, P3D V1-V4 (dynamic Light only in P3D V4).
Go to product page.

New AI vessel with Mediterranean and Black Sea routes

The SimDocks "Atlantic Glory" is the model of a typical mega yacht for multi-billionaires. The model comes as freeware download (registration required) with 5 different paintwork finishes and ship names.

The ships are suitable for P3D version 4.X and higher and have static and dynamic lighting (earlier P3D versions and FSX without Dynamic Lighting).

More information on the Product page
Hi i try to register me, but site seems not work
Could you confirm that registration is open it this site?

thanks in advance
Hi jacklyon,
the registration on the SimDocks website is active. However, there are some problems with Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer. The browser does not forward the entered data to the database.
If you use one of both browsers, try another one (e.g. Firefox, Opera or Chrome). Then it should work.
7 new ships for the North and Baltic Sea

On the SimDocks website there are now 7 new ships (3 models in 7 liveries) for the North Sea and Baltic Sea for download (registration required). These are RoRo vessels of the MSG-113 class used by Finnlines and DFDS. Further information can be found on the product page.