New and effective way to create building footprint

I want to show you how to make a footprint of your own town' houses. It is my way of doing this, there may be other ways. I don't know.
The advantage of this method is its simplicity and effectiveness, and the awesome result it has.
Anyway, if you live in Europe or USA, there is a good chance that your city's buildings footprints are looking like this:

And if you are living in a place where I'm living now. Your footprint would be something like this:

just 10 houses for all city.
So let me say what I did to populate my scenery,
I didn't choose the "color detection" method to detect the houses and buildings, because I think, it is impossible or very hard to do that.
Rather I have chosen the method that predicts where the buildings could be in a place like a city.
the most probable places for a building to be is between and near the two parallel roads.
I downloaded the "open street map" raster image. And then load it in photoshop and selected those areas and made an alpha channel.

Then load this alpha channel into my original photo and copy the selected area. And that is my building's footprint.

There may be some plants in my scene, so I choose all the green color and delete all of them.
And then fill the selected area with a solid color like Purple.

Then I save the raster photo and convert it to vector format with programs. like Adobe Illustrator Live Trace or AlgoLab R2V Toolkit .
and then import it to the programs like global mapper

there are still two things that we need to do
first is to convert lines to the polygon and the second is to georeference the imagery and finally export it to shp.

red parts are building.
and when i load the bing map ,i see it is 90% match

guys, it is so simple but so effective .I checked it, and it was great , All building was in the right place.
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I am as you, very por footprint for the town.
How do you georeferencied the foot print again ?
I've thinking how to créate my own gis data. but being an amateur I not have a clue.
In which town or city do you live?
Let me check and make the shp file for you to see if my method works in all cities or not.
thanks, anyway What I wanted is to be able to créate those footprints, the entirely island is very poor about Osm footprints, I think I wil get the way.
very interesting your method. you can try with Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Island ?
Will be good to find a clear and easy method to creat all those footprints, We have a lot of good free photoreal sceneries here but very Little autogen sceneries.regards :cool:
I'll work on that, and I think I can provide you with a simple shp file in less than 30 minutes, but my method works best with cities with high population densities
like new york, paris, major city, and all places with too many roads and street.
In Rural area, it may not work that well.

I was interested as well but now I am doubting:) because I honestly do not think you can define Santa Cruz de Tenerife as a rural area ( at least not when you look at it in Bing Maps):confused::).
Besides, I do not think Bernardo is a farmer either:D.
here you go
I made a simple "shp" file for north part of the island. if you think it is ok I can do it for the rest of your Island.
It is "kml" file of the area

I made "shp" base on three building category :
1-single house
2-polygon house: a few house that are next to each other
3-raw house
This shape files are exported in geographic lan/lon projection so you can be able to compile them with resample
"shp" for single building:

shp for polygon houses:

shp for raw houses:

please test them and let me know if it works.
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All right, thanks, I'll take a look with great interest.
And please don't say Santa cruz is a rural área, it's a crazy town. but of course it's not New York :D,
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All right, thanks, I'll take a look with great interest.
And please don't say Santa cruz is a rural área, it's a crazy town. but of course it's not New York :D,
where? Santa Cruz? I saw that, man you live in paradise , I wish I was there.
City or rural, it is so beautiful.
By the way, did you try to make the night texture of that area?
Just one thing: I mistakenly made the SHP file for background image as well, and uploaded it; You may have got that version; I edited it and uploaded new links later, so be sure to download them.
Of couse it's a Paradise, I have seen the kml file and it is Orotava Valley. bellow mountain Teide. Santa Cruz is the oposite part of the island :D
Maybe you see very similar the name, Puerto de la Cruz with Santa Cruz :D
Anyway I have taken a look and I could see how this work. interesting. you get Street maps. and translate this as buildings.
I never said Santa Cruz is the countryside. You must have misunderstood me.
I said it would be more beneficial if you make use of this method to create SHAPEfile for a large city.
And as I said before, it is a beautiful place ,It doesn't matter if it's a large city or not.
You said you found out how it works, but can I ask you how well or accurate it worked? Do you think could it be a reliable way to create SHAPEfile for larger area where the quantity is more important than quality?
By the way, is it active volcano near you?
No my friend, you was right when you call this a rural área, but it's because the área in which you have worked is that of Orotava Valley (valle de la Orotava).,and the town is Puerto de La Cruz it's situated in the North of the island. Santa Cruz is the city situated in the Northeast. Anyway it's not a problem. I still have to check the autogen. very busy lately. I will tell about this. as said before I am interested to see if this work nice or not. ragards
No ,the volcano is not active, it would be a serious problem :D. though there is one, near Hierro island that is making problems, this is a submarine one and the trembling scare to the people :cool:
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