P3D v4 New Animation Manager in P3Dv4.4?


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I wonder if something changed in the Animation Manager in P3Dv4.4. Since I use the new SDK (and the new plugins for MAX) I run into problems exporting a spline IK animation. It worked fine before using these steps:

- set up spline IK animation
- animate bones and collapse keys
- tag bones with "Ambient" in the Animation Manager
- remove spline and other items
- export file

Removing the spline, points,... seems to be necessary or you get a message trying to compile the MDL - not really sure why.
So I remove spline, points and that kind of stuff. But as soon as I do this the tagged animations in the Animation Manager are gone. Since the animation is already collapsed with the keys there's no need for the spline or points anymore, is there? It looks like the (new) Animation Manager deletes the animations as soon as you delete the spline. That hasn't happened before. Even after re-assigning the animation (ambient or whichever) the animation isn't exported correctly.

I wonder if yomebody experienced anything similar with the new P3Dv4 SDK.