New Front-End for Art´s Editor ...

Hi Art,

Great work and fast service from you with the last version - many thanks again !
Because your editor is simply GREAT, but me and my
16.000 tiles would feel better with the mosaic-open-dialog,
i have thought about a work-around-proggie. :D

I have made the first version ( how can i name it ?
hmm perhaps 0.0001 , hehehe )
and it works even with 16.000 tiles , lol

but the performance is only good with a fast pc - but -
who the fXXX cares if it works...

And when i doubleclick on a tile , your prog opens with
this one ... :D
And the tiles around are written in the ini-file of the editor
so i can open them too.

Oh - only bad is , that it is Access97 ( i think ALL version should work after compiling it ).
But i think nearly everybody has Access :confused:

Ok - if anybody has got interest in that too - post your answer here.

Greetz -


PS : Art - i have noticed - nearly ALL of my ocx-files are
GERMAN , lol - don t know if that would make you happy .
But i have got a connection to an ex-companymate i will meet the next weeks.
Hi Art !

Hi Art !

I made empty image-Boxes. Then - when you choose the
tile from the dialogue-box - all other tiles that are visible on the screen are filled with the images around.

form!imageBox01.picture = cstr(valueBMP + 9) & "AN.BMP"
form!imageBox02.picture = cstr(valueBMP + 10) & "AN.BMP"
and so on ... lol

When you go left right or up or down - the image-boxes are
filled again with the new content.

Next weekend i have my ( paid , hehe ) :mad: demo on Saturday and Sunday at a company. After that i will work on this thing
to keep it running perfect and will read Dick Ludovics code
and translate it into Access-Basic.

The forrests around Stuttgart are created really FAST
with your prog, Art ! Makes a very big difference when
all the forrests are full of trees - other than flat photo-tapestries.

OK - hasta luego - :wave: