P3D v4 New helicopter AI in v4.2

Has anyone figured out how to add proper AI helicopters routes in Prepar3D v4.2 please? Simple instructions would be much appreciated (wading through the SDK at the moment)!

Many thanks

I remember to créate a couple of routes for ai helicopters, these needed to be a special ones. I just found two or three of them. the .air file was modified to work as AI , and the route was created with Aiboatc but can't remember almost anything, it was a long time ago.
Edit: searching a Little there are a lot of ai helicopters but many of them are for Fs9 so could be problems with the textures. Don't know if AIBTC would work with p3d v4 someoe could say.
Edit: where I say AIBTC I meant Flight Planner. ¡¡¡
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Hi Andy,

Through simconnect, place an AI helicopter at an airport using the AICreateParkedATCAircraft. Once you do, you can send it coordinates and it will takeoff. I believe you have to use ClearDataDefiniton --> AddToDataDefinition --> SetDataOnSimObject for the helo objectID. I have tried it and it works great (using P3d v2.4 and SDK). You can also create the helicopter with the AICreateNonATCAircraft but beware that the aircraft will be spawned with the engine off and will literally fall out of the sky. Use the ENGINE_AUTO_START (through TransmitClientEvent) eventid to get it running. See the SDK examples to get started (Managed_AI_Waypoints). The CH53 seems to have better flight dynamics then the UH60 (less wobble).



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I have created AI helicopters for P3D V4 and added them as traffic using AI Flight Planner and I noticed nothing significantly changed in implementation since FSX. AI helicopters will not takeoff vertically, but the air file can be modified such that they have a very short takeoff run.

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