New Model Viewer


Resource contributor
At the request of a user and with Arno's cooperation, AIFP now has a MCX-based model viewer in the latest Development Release. If you don't have Development Release updates enabled in AIFP, you can download the new release from Be sure to copy the folder MCX_dlls into your AIFP folder.

The viewer is accessible from three locations:
  • the Aircraft Editor
  • The FP Editor
  • in the context menu of the Aircraft List
Just click the View Image button/menu item.

Please note, AIFP assumes all required aircraft textures are available on your system. (It could, but repeated texture missing messages might be annoying. In any case, AIFP couldn't do anything about a missing texture.) So, if all or a portion of the aircraft in the viewer is textured with a checkerboard pattern, that's the problem. I will add a check for missing textures to the Aircraft Editor. But, in the meantime, I wanted the viewer to get some exposure.

Please give it a try.