New MS Flight Media Coming Tomorrow (Jan 4th)


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I'm editing out my comments on Flight, other than to state it has no provisions for 3rd party developers, as the press has already leaked.

Fortunately, we removed the Flight sub-forum from FSDeveloper... which is now quite appropriate, as there will be no development.

The buzz on other forums abound with some disappointment... apparently someone at Microsoft confused the concept of a hobby with a game.

We still have fs9, fsx, flight gear, and XPlane to occupy our time... and they will run on the computer equipment you already own!

Meanwhile, have a look at what a major scenery developer has written:

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If that is true, I think Flight will die instantly.
Who want to fly just only Hawaii ? Who want to purchase all the parts of the world, or just only you country.
Does Microsoft can build the whole world? Who gonna buy that?

I think Microsoft Flight Simulator has come this far because of SDK, freeware, and addon payware.
I believe Microsoft is killing itself.

On the bright side, our FSX products are still alive.
Surely the writing was on the wall when Microsoft closed ACES, especially when suggestions surfaced that was because Microsoft didn’t like the direction in which ACES were going in developing FSX into FSX11? When ACES went the consequence was FSXI went too. Mixing my metaphors, there were also straws in the wind on the Flight website. Microsoft made it clear Flight was aimed at a “wider audience” and what it said about content was “From new game play elements and enhanced scenery and terrain to new aircraft and integrated content marketplace, it is an entirely new breed of virtual flight”. We can’t say we weren’t warned. Many of those now wailing and gnashing their teeth on other forums simply believed what they wanted to believe regardless.

Microsoft’s reasons were almost certainly commercial – it believed it would get a better return on its development expenditure by re-targeting its market. That’s something companies have to do if they are to survive and, although we may be disappointed, we have to real right to complain. Microsoft isn’t in the business of subsidising our hobby.

Also we’ve lost nothing – we can’t lose something we never had. We still have FSX, X-plane, and P3D so let's just continue to enjoy them.
you are very right, regarding to the little I could see I think Flight have nothing to do with Flight simulator, so maybe could be misundertandings about this. The only thing I worry about it's Flight simulator have weakness that should be solved, and I don't believe either microsoft going to throw Fs to the trash.People was expecting Fs 2012 and it's no so, just that.:cool:
Oh, well most of us "felt" a game was on the way, a few thought otherwise and will or are crying now.....Nothing lost guys. M$ is a dinosaur in decadence, just look who declared that they go Bankrupt next month....Kodak!!!! that really saddened me today when I heard the news...but they cooked their own stew!!! they actually invented the tiny electronic camera!!!!! and what did they do with it??..nothing. Now they are through!!!!!..very sorry and sad....M$ is in that path, we used around 200 licenses of Office here but its is now so expensive and lousy we have cut it from our expenses and gone another route with better Flight. I just saw the leaked movie:eek::eek::eek:, its a game alright with nice scenery I must say, but a game just by the "presentation" its gamy, nice for kids which after crashing a few times will turn to the fabulous "Need for Speed" FREE on line and just great fun!!!!!....someone said "that we have not lost anything at all since we never had it"..Wise ......I am at the office now and I just want to get home and make some scenery out in the boondocks of FSX and truly have some FLights simulating the real world.....By Bye Flight the new M$ Game...there is another saying " If a women paints herself too much she looses her beauty and becomes an Iguana!!":D
First of all please excuse my English writing.

In my opinion this is how I see all things. Just like you all sad third party addons (freeware and payware) wher the motor that kept fs9 and X alive. Since all this addons sim markets, magazines and vendors/distributor started to pop-out. I'm more than sure that Microsoft did not like this concept of making money in one way or another from their platform. So…I believe they wanted a piece of cake. But why settle for a piece when they can have all the cake. By not sharing a sdk all developers are eliminated from the equation and so are the distributors. That means they can create and control all the market for Flight products.


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I could not resist my temptation to discuss more.

IPad, IPhone are new inventions. Hardware is a lead to sell more softwares in AppStore.

"Flight" is another story. It is not a new invention that we would outdated if we don't play it. So it is not the same story like IPad and IPhone. I saw the video and don't like it..............Nothing new compare to FS9 and FSX.

Addon market are greater than the game itself, MS knows that.
MS wants to hold that market in their hands.
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When do you think Prepar3D will be available in a more public version?
Also is it worth buying it as it is now?

Any market for addon developers?
I have only heard this. No details, nothing. Only heard exactly what I just reported. We'll have to see what more is said.

One door closes, another opens. Lets hope this pans out.


When do you think Prepar3D will be available in a more public version?
Also is it worth buying it as it is now?

Any market for addon developers?
Prepar3D is a continuation of the FS franchise (or so I'd like to think) by Lockheed Martin on behalf of Microsoft, who trashed their 25 year legacy quite foolishly in an attempt to make money (but I can't blame them). On the website itself, they stated that it has a backwards compatibility with FSX's addons.

Prepar3D furthers the development of Microsoft® ESP™ while maintaining compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, allowing many thousands of add-ons to be used within Prepar3D.
As of now, if you think 500 dollars (It's actually 499.99, which is apparently MUCH cheaper! :D) is worth LM's continuation of FS, go for it. If not,'ll have to wait, as we all are doing.

Oh, and you have to pay 10 dollars a month to use their "SDK", apparently...
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Oh, and you have to pay 10 dollars a month to use their "SDK", apparently...
NO! We "developers" have two choices:

  1. License the current major version of Prepar3D for $499. Whenever a new major version is released, there will be an unannounced "Upgrade" cost.
  2. License a two seat "Developer's" edition, which includes free "Upgrades" for $9.99/month.

We do NOT have to do both!

The SDK is free to use by anyone, whether they license Prepar3D or not. :cool:
Hi guys,

Just thought I'd voice my opinions on the news regarding Flight. As expected it is a "game" for people who want to "mess" around with planes and see the coolest way they can crash. There is no point in saying what has already been said on this thread but it is clear that this is not a piece of software for the serious fs simmer.

However on another note I still believe that FSX has many years left in it. I have been developing for fs9/fsx for many years ( and only recently have I actually flown in FSX instead on slewing around checking scenery. With the right addons (and hardware of course) it really is a great sim.

I recently upgraded my PC and fsx runs great. With FSX, REX, UTX, Third Party Airports, PMDG 737 etc FSX can really blow you away. I think that FSX will get better and better for poeple and hardware improves and more addons continue to be developed. At some stage it may be that fsx is only providing the platform for all third party addons and who knows someday the entire fsx world may be covered in photo real imagery.

Anyways what I am trying to say is "Long live FSX :) "
NO! We "developers" have two choices:

  1. License the current major version of Prepar3D for $499. Whenever a new major version is released, there will be an unannounced "Upgrade" cost.
  2. License a two seat "Developer's" edition, which includes free "Upgrades" for $9.99/month.

We do NOT have to do both!

The SDK is free to use by anyone, whether they license Prepar3D or not. :cool:
The prepare3D sites states:

* Note that development licenses are for internal development use only. Deployed systems will require a full commercial license.
Doesn't that mean developers need $499 retail licence to distribute their products?

Goodness..... My nephews would do this on my sim, crashing the plane over and over and laughing. It would upset me, I would have to leave the room.
My nephew must hang out with your nephew, I look away for 30 seconds and he's "driving" an F18 down the freeway at 450 kts. Yep, leave the room... :)

I watched the video and I've seen all I need to see. I have less than no interest in Flight at this point, that type of game doesn't appeal to me at all.

It's apparent that MS believes everyone will be interested in a free-to-download "airplane game" and their strategy is obviously to get everyone hooked and then clean up with the DLC. Personally I think they will find that the vast majority of the world's population don't really give a rip about aviation though, and they'll find they should have put their efforts into yet another car racing game or something if they were really into it for the dollar.

I've been in real world aviation since 1978 and I've tried to introduce aviation to non-aviators on several occasions. Of those that I've introduced over the years, not one of those folks stuck with it for any length of time. The bottom line is, if they were interested in aviation to begin with, they would have found their own way in, and it's no different in the FS world.

I really have to question how many new faces will be drawn in just because it's free-to-download and set up in such a way that anyone can bore holes in the sky with minimal knowledge. I can see a few folks initially jumping in and maybe buying Oahu once they get bored with the big island, and they may even add a couple aircraft to their hangar, but longevity is out of the question; they'll move on to the next cutting edge game the minute it's released.

Anyone lured in through a serious interest in aviation will likely see the shortcomings within an hour and begin looking for ways to make it more realistic. They'll visit forums and find serious simmers using FSX and P3D and talking about the 737NGX, Orbx sceneries, and Carenado aircraft. It will be blatantly apparent to them at that point that Flight is just a kiddie game. I think MS has officially cooked the FS goose with this one. This will go down as the biggest flop in MS history.