New project won't compile

Working on a relatively simple project and it fails to compile. Fault finder finds no problem
Can't figure out what the reference to the customground poly items are. I'm not using any except Don's stock textures.

I've attached the AD4 file--wonder if it compiles on another system.

It must be something in this project as a more complicated airport I did last week compiles fine

I believe I've sent in the error report




Resource contributor
Gary, somehow, you have managed to create a GP Poly in ADE without a texture being assigned. If you list GPs, you'll easily see which one. Delete and re-create it and all should be OK.

Jon may wish to investigate how this happened.

Don, thanks for the quick reply. Found the poly. Any attempt to edit it caused immediate crash, but I was able to select it, delete it, recreate it and all is well

Thanks so much. I have a real knack for getting things to happen that shouldn't. The IT folks at work don't even ask my name any more as they know my voice....