New Scenery Development Utilities


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I have just posted two new freeware utilities that may be of interest to scenery and aircraft developers to my website Like most of the other applications and utilities posted there, these are items I initially developed for my own use that I felt may be useful also to others.
  • GUID and Name Processor: Generates new guids, converts between FS9 and FSX formats and changes the guid and friendly name in FSX .mdl files
  • List MDL: Generates a plain English listings of aircraft and scenery models, whether in .mdl files or collected in a .bgl file, with user-controllable level of detail
Documentation included. If either sounds useful, please feel free to download and take for a test-drive.

Also, a reminder of two of my recently updated developer applications:
  • Airfield Lighting Toolbox (AFLT): Generates a wide variety of airfield lighting elements and arrays for FS9, FSX and all versions of P3D
  • Terrain Sculptor Pro (TS Pro): Allows examination of terrain .bgls (FS9 and FSX/P3D) and creation of realistic terrain for your airports. The latter is fully functional for FSX and P3d but I still have a little work to do for FS9.


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Well done don. These could not have come at a better for me. I'm working on At Denis reunion (fmee). The fsx landscape is atrocious. The area is naturally mountainous but fsx brings it all the way to the airport so to have some help in correcting these issues, which take a lifetime to check with Google earth, and then in and out of ade will be appreciated.
I just downloaded List MDL as it really sounds like exactly what I need to match the MDL with the used texture files.
However, any MDL or bgl selected gets no results, no listing, etc. The "listing" folder is empty. I have tried this with both scenery as well as aircrafts, same result. I have also selected the "animals.bgl" in the base P3D scenery (global) with the same result. Selecting a bgl does not provide a list of the library objects as is stated in the documentation.
I must be doing something very basically WRONG...any and all help/pointers is greatly appreciated.


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Lemon, I've just tried that file. And you're right. It doesn't work as advertised. My "master" file works properly, but once saved into a /zip, it no longer works. I'm not sure why at the moment and I won't have time to investigate for a few days.

That being said, it seems you have misunderstood the purpose of the utility. It does not list models contained in a .bgl; it creates a listing of the "instructions" in a .mdl file or of a specific model in a .bgl. There are several other utilities that do what you are looking for.

Don, I apologize, the fingers get ahead of the brain...many times. I mis-stated and was not very clear.
Dont sweat the timeline...its not an emergency.
Thanks for the reply.