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New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

ESGG at short final.


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Terrific! I intend to buy close to anything that will expand Scandinavian destinations, and Göteborg is high up in the list. Nice short hop from every major hub in Scandinavia. Looking forward to having this on my harddrive!
Why does it take so long to finish?
Because we want to have it work flawlessly in P3Dv2 as well and that is a major pain in the hindquarters.
Why don't we have more screenshots?
Because we mostly made and exchanged screenshots of things that went wrong or spots where there was still something that was not 100% and sometimes (when things became tedious) some Éaster Eggs or other funny things like naked ladies and stuff that were not intended to be included in the final version but only to keep up our spirits (you dirty minds were thinking of something else, weren't you?). It even made me think of a separate 18+ version of ESGG but Swedish are so prudish that they did not agree.
Give you some examples more:
- We were just informed that the apron lights on ESGG are apparently lit all day long as well. So we have to change it because we want to have it 'as real as it gets'.
- Some time ago, when we were well on our way, we were informed ESGG taxiways were asphalted anew. So instead of the painfully mimicked old stuff, we had to re-asphalt the taxiways once more because we want it as real as it gets.
- We struggled for a long time with autogen suppression and the funny thing was that one did not have it but on another computer it did, and so forth.
- We wanted to have some traffic so as to liven up things but that meant we had to make the vehicles that were specific for ESGG.
But I think that you now have understood why it usually takes longer than expected to release the scenery.

PS(So that you know it is me): should there be a major interest in the 18+ version, do not hesitate to come forward:).
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Guys, this is really looking good, and it is certainly a much anticipated destination in the FSX/P3D virtual world.

Sure it is.
Especially when you have a bit of time between two flights to discover the land side of the airport and go for a stroll in the area. The wooded surroundings of the airport are very relaxing to walk through. You sniff up the clean air and have an opportunity to stretch your cramped legs after a 3 or 4 hour flight.
I did once at dusk in December last after having checked in at the airport hotel, the moon was rising and its bleak light transformed the narrow snowcovered road into a Christmas postcard. And to my surprise, Swedish like it as well because after some 500 meters I noticed there were some lights farther down the road. And yep, there was a bar or a pub or whatever you want to call it, and it was full of people. The owner was a French Canadian with apparently some connections in Holland because there was a Heineken sign above the entrance. It looked cozy enough so I went in and met with a bunch of people (most of which were pilots that had some time to spare before having to go back for their next flight), had a beer or two, three (not sure if I remember exactly) and as they served no food, I thought of returning to the hotel and have a nice Swedish dinner (miracles happen sometimes, I hoped) when, at the other side of the road, I spotted another cottage with rather inviting lights. At that moment my cellular rang and I pushed the wrong button on the cellular
and I took a picture at what I was looking at,

and my spouse was asking me how I was doing and that she missed me, etc., etc.
And so, I went to have a Swedish dinner at the airport hotel:(.
Of course, It is up to you what you would do but the temptation is only available in the 18+version of ESGG:D.
Great news! That's ESGG scenery is looking awesome... Will it be supported by AES from Aerosoft?

Can't wait to by it and get my fingers into it

Fantastic work...

Quote Do you have any plans for groundpolys as well? Unquote

I do not think they have plans for more groundpoly than the ones they put in already:).
Well, although I contributed a bit to this scenery, it is up to 'Chico' what she is going to do with it. I merely have a good platonic relation with him/her/it:D.
Any news about this Project? I hope that it isnt dead. If it is and you have no intention with releasing it as payware anymore then please release it as a freeware update. The FS9 scenery works with a patch from fsnordic but there are no nighttextures or anything so please give us a proper ESGG shortly! :)

Just asking for some kind of update of a possible releasedate.