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New Texturing tutorial!


Resource contributor
Hi guys,

I am quite proud to present my first tutorial and my first wiki article! You can find an attempt of describing my methodology of texturing complex parts here:

Please feel free to correct all the typos and grammatical errors I produced.
I would be glad if some of you also present your methods!

Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

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Which link? The link in the first post works fine for me.

You need to click on the link, the text shown in the forum post is reduced in length (and has ... inserted to indicate that). But if you click on the link it should work.
Hi again Arno,

It seems that copy and paste shortens what my address bar had. This time I first pasted it in notepad, then copied that. Hopefully it shows up correctly now.


If it helps I am using Vista ultimate 64 and IE (latest version)

Had to put in the " " so it would stop shortening it.

That link looks OK, but try to put the www. in front of the fsdeveloper
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Yup, that fixes it. Looks like IE8 does not like it without the www in front.

Thank you very much for your help. :)
Hi Folks

Manfred -
It's not a browser issue.
It's a website config issue.


I should have a look, but here with Firefox 3.5.7 I have no problems at all opening the original link. Not sure where the difference comes from.
Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

Nicely done, Vitus... I do have a few suggestions that will -in time- allow you to make the process even easier.

1. Before beginning the UVW Mapping process, take the time to "pre-select" the group of polys for each UVW Map, and assign them a unique Material ID #. This will allow you to quickly Select by MatID from your Mesh Select or Poly Select modifiers.

2. Instead of making your layered PSD file in Photoshop one UVW Map at a time, use one of the two methods (2.a) or (2.b) listed below:

2.a After completing the UVW Mapping process, add a final Mesh Select or Poly Select to the top of the stack. Select ALL polys, then add a UVW Unwrap modifier, and open the UVW Editor. This will allow you to "screenshot" all of the unwrapped mesh at one time.

If you've set each group of mapped polys with a unique MatID #, you can then use the spinner at the bottom of the Editor to hide/unhide each MatID, so you can re-select them to make fine-tuning of placement easier.

2.b Download the LithUnwrap v1.3 program, as well as the Quake .MD3 Max/GMax export plugin. This set of tools will allow you to export a completely UVW Mapped object (or group of objects) as an .MD3 file, which can then be imported into LithUnwrap v1.3...


Shot at 2010-01-09

...which is then used to UV Map>Save... as a perfectly sized 24bit .bmp file as shown below...

Shot at 2010-01-09

In this example, I've Export Selected all of the individual objects that are assigned to a single FSX Material in one step, which allows me to generate a pixel-to-vertex-perfect image of the UVW Mapped objects. When UVW Save(ed) from LithUnwrap v1.3, it results in a 24bit .bmp file of whatever size I've selected (256^2, 512^2, 1024^2, etc.), with a choice of having each object either black/white, colored, or color-filled.

I use this as the Raw Mesh bottom layer of my Master Template .psd file for that texture. :D


Shot at 2010-01-09
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