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I don't think so, the first post says "It's another XML object placer, exclusively for FSX "
I have Instant Scenery but it does not seem to work anymore. When I open it and choose an object the pointer does not show it

Hi Bruno:

If you have purchased any version of Instant Scenery it should work in both FS9 and FSX.

Try un-installing, then re-installing that package using the latest version from the Flight1 product web page.

The free upgrade to IS3 from IS2 offer was time-limited and likely has expired over 2 years ago.

He could initially try running "Module Installer" from the existing IS2 installed program folder path ex:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Instant Scenery 3\ModuleInstaller.exe un-install, then re-install the IS2 module (*.DLL file):


...from- / back into-:

[FS9 install path]\Modules sub-folder

Reportedly the above procedure resets Windows Registry entries used for IS2 and may in some cases eliminate the need for a "complete" un-install and re-install from the downloadable Flight1 'wrapper' IS2 executable installer.

If he wishes to do a "complete" re-installation of IS2, it might be best do so using the downloaded installer for the 'last' release version of IS2.

If he no longer has his original downloaded installer file, but he has his registration info and he communicates with Flight1, they can provide him with a (private ?) link to download the installer for that last release of IS2.

BTW: The last public link to the IS2 installer that the developer posted in the support forum is here:

FYI: If Bruno already had IS2 installed and it recently "quit working", provided he has his registration Key (*.LIC file) available in a known location on his FS computer, and he has not performed a total reinstall of FS9 since that time, in some cases a repair of the info for the IS2 module in his 'active' FS9 configuration files can be performed to get it working again.

If Bruno provides us with more info on the status of his IS2 installation and whether he actually has his product key (*.LIC file) already available in a known location on his FS9 computer, we could possibly help him get IS2 working again.

BTW: The "official" Instant Scenery support forum is here:

NOTE: Sometimes IS2 can be 'fixed' by the procedure in this thread (...and without installing IS3):

PS: If needed, there is info regarding how to contact Flight1 via a support ticket for a IS2 installer in this thread: :pushpin:

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