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FSX New VC for freeware Saab 340

Hello :)

As I'm a big fan of the Saab 340 by Brett Henderson and Alejandro Rojas Lucena, I decided to spend it a new VC. First I just wanted to model only the objects that were already there but with more realistic dimensions..

But then Gmax got me again :D
So I added more and more details to it and now I ended up doing 3D gauges and making every switch clickable.

Here some comparison shots of the original VC and the new in FSX:

Started this project on Tuesday and still need to draw the gauges, add $textures and animate all the switches and needles :)

Currently about 10.000 vertices

What do you think?

Btw, hope there is no problem with doing a new freeware VC for a freeware aircraft?!? :confused:

Best regards,
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Afaik fuselage and VC are/can be different models in FSX. So I see no problem to replace the VC if aircraft and VC are separate models in the freeware aircraft.


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Color me interested! Awesome!

If you're recycling anything from Brett's original model, check his readme for licensing terms and/or credit him in your Readme.
I love flying the SAAB 340. I have the PAD version though, Will have to look for the one you mentioned.
Just a small update for anyone interested. Time is rare due to studies so there is only little progress.

Main topic was the transition from Gmax to Blender.

The UV-Mapping was completely redone in Blender. Textures still need to be painted.

Furthermore, all the annunciator and overhead lamps were added and also most of the switches are now ready to get animated.

More than 130 unique lights and about 100 switches.
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Nice! Keep going!

Looking at the overhead, I assume you're going to 'animate' the switches with visibility conditions?


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...not to even mention running out of animations for those things that must be animated!
...not to even mention running out of animations for those things that must be animated!

Yes, I'm reading your Thread over and over again these days :D

And Heretic's post #21 is right on the money; I owe you a lot for going through all this suffering and preventing other devs from facing the same problems!

I like this plane a lot and your work look more than promising! How has this project turned out for you?


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The Google Drive folder shows no changes since Feb 1st and I feel awful because I just can't motivate myself to contribute that f'in PFD, nav display or the cockpit textures. So apologies to Steven from my side.
Hello Daniel

Thanks for your interest in this project and sorry for no further updates!

This project is actually only the second in the row behind another one and I work on it as time and motivation permits. Sadly, both haven't been in favour of the VC lately.
Everyone who shows his interest in this project at least boosts the motivational part!;)

Unfortunately (or not), I decided to reshape the complete cockpit hull, when I noticed that most of the dimensions were wrong. Now it fits external blueprints and also feels a lot better sitting inside. The downside is that I have to reposition, rescale and reanimate all the tiny bits and needles.

Anyway, this is the current state:

- Overhead panel is mostly done - thanks to Björn, he kindly offered his help in this project! All switches and lamps are clickable and functional. About 10 switches of the test panel still need some work though.

- The logic behind the switches needs to be coded. I think Björn and me aren't the slowest at this, so it shouldn't take long.

- $VC textures are ready. All 3D gauges are drawn and mapped.

- Some details that enhance overall atmosphere were added, ie working wipers, movable sun visors, cup holder etc...

- Textures are crap.

If any cockpit texture artist reads this and would like to help out, I/we/everybody would be more than grateful!
I will ask this in the project recruitment forum as well.

Pics follow when I have the needles back in place.

@Heretic: No need to feel sorry, Björn! As soon as I progress, I'll give you a shout.
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