New Version of AFLT will have Extended Visible Range


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One of the most common complaints about Flightsim airfield lights is their limited visible range when based on effects. The current AFLT has a similar problem, since it uses effects (even when tuned for maximum range).

Recent posts by Christain Bahr over in the ADE forum about the use of brightly-textured three-plane objects with size adjusted for LOD have led me to a solution for AFLT. I currently have this system working for P3D and have tested the concept in FSX. 10nm+ is easily attainable! Range will be specifiable for each individual element. I've also simplified the creation of simobjects for P3D. The new SimConnect module is somewhat more efficient, so the FPS "hit" in P3D will not be as bad. Also, if you choose not to use PCL, that "hit" will be minimal.

I've still got some "fine-tuning" to do (the LOD concept differs between FSX and P3Dv4) and it will take me a few days to put it all back together again into a form suitable for release. So look for a new release about this time next week.

That new release will be compatible with your current AFLT data. Just run the new release on your existing data and ..."Voila!".



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As announced last weekend, I have now posted the initial beta release of AFLT Version 3 to my website It may be downloaded by navigating to the User Applications/Airfield Lighting Toolbox (AFLT) page of my website and clicking on the Development Release menu item.

Version 3 supports the use of LOD-variable light elements offering much greater visible ranges than previously available with either BGL_LIGHTs (FS9 only) or effects. (LOD-variable lights are brightly-textured simple 3-plane objects whose size increases as LOD decreases. The smallest size is displayed close up and gradually increases in 10% increments through LOD 1. The minimum and maximum sizes and visible range for each light element is user-specifiable.)

This release will be of primary interest to users of P3Dv4 and has been extensively tested with that version. Currently, LOD-variable lights are only available for P3D v3/4. They will be introduced for other FlightSim versions in future releases.

AFLT Version 3 will read and process Version 2 .INI files and array definitions. So, those of you who are currently using Version 2 need only recompile your object library to generate LOD-variable lights. But, please, observe the caution in the readme in the version 3 archive about overwriting your Version 2 folder.

Version 3 also eliminates the need for special extraction and installation of positioning data for simobjects.

Please give version 3 a try.

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