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FSXA New way to make light splash.

Textures problem

Hi jtanabodee.
I'm trying your light model to see if this is a technigue I can use for a scenery I'm working on. But I'm not getting the hang of it. See the image below (day/night from both in sim and mcx):

I do suspect that the problems is with the texture converting. I'm using ImageTool->DXT5->DDS. I've exported the LightGlow.gmax as it is in the Zip-file.

Do you reckon what I'm doing wrong?
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I found that the suggested settings in MCX did not work for me (but that was just me, maybe I did something wrong). Try Destination Blend = One and Source Blend = SrcColor. Try other combinations as well.


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I found the same problem with MCX.
Don't use MCX. Just do it the same method. Gmax export to mdl and xml placement.
Hi. Actually I have not done anything with the mld after exporting it from gmax. I only use MCX for preview. I place the mld using ADE.


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Did you use the gmax file that I uploaded without changing any properties?
The material in Gmax is the key point. Do not change anything.
The texture that I have have no alpha channel at all.
I did that with alpha channel both during the day and night it turn our weird.

Let's try to export the light splash without changing anything and see how it is in FSX.
Well, just to be sure that have not messed up anything I started all over by downloading your zip file again.

1. I exported the gmax file (not changing anything) with the following setting:

2. Then I coverted the two psd files to DXT5 dds using ImageTool

3. Adding the mdl in a bgl library using LibraryConverterXML

4. Placing the the model in FSX using ADEX

Still, the result:



I tried MOUSY's suggestion with Destination Blend = One:

The strange part is that this only works if I change Destination Blend to One in MCX, not in Gmax. But the as long as things works and looks great I don't mind :)
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I don't know either.
But that file still work for me, strange!
One thing, I did not use ADE. I place it manually. I wonder if ADE change any thing in MDL file.
One thing, I did not use ADE. I place it manually. I wonder if ADE change any thing in MDL file.
I woud like to test your teory, but I have only been doing this scenery thing for some months, so I actually do not know how to place object manually. :eek: Maby you could point me in the direction of a discription on how to do it?
jtanabodee: Can I ask you one more question? The attached effect you using, is it self made or is it default FSX?


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No, it is not effect.
If you mean this light splash, it is just the texture and color and blend option.
Effect is something different. Please see Wiki. It is a mathematics of.....:D I don't know either. :confused:


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To: jtanabodee

How did you get the fuzzy edges on your light plane?

EDIT: This is what l got when l used the MOUSY's settings:

the edges look pointy


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I'd like to mention this to the old thread. If you come across this thread you can know that there is a way to get around the white plane uder low visibility condition.
Just set your blend to "one" and "one" for destination and source blend, that's all.

Here is VTBS in foggy condition. No more white plane visible in low visibility

Here is VTBS during the night in the same foggy condition.

But there is a trade off by this method. The whole plane become visible, not diffusely disappear as before.

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just wondering and probably a foolish question but this would only work in FSX right? FS9 is out of the question?
Isnt foolosh at all, i never tried this in fs 9, but as per logic I think it should work. Just try and let us know.
That's something I'll surely do then ;)

EDIT: Can FS9 read .DDS? I believe not so I need to try it with something else...
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