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Hello all,
Just wondering if someone could tell me how to remove two buildings from the KBOS_HangarComplex.MDL. There are 8 buildings all in this one object. I opened boston.bgl in modelconverterx, exported the object in 3ds format, and used gmax to import the 3ds but not sure how to remove the two unwanted buildings. I was told that "It looks like that model has 4 LODs defined, and you have to fix each". I'm a newbie with only a day in so far and am still learning, but while I learn was hoping for some insight from someone with a possible resolution.
I was only trying to add the new RWY to the airport with ADE, but these two buildings kinda block the new taxi path and have turned my attention now to learning things way over my head to just make it functional. As mentioned, in time I'll learn how to just delete the object and replace it with my own work soon enough, but that may take weeks with the little time I have to spare to this hobby. Any help and insite would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and hope you have/had a Merry Christmas (not midnight yet ;-)


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This is really a GMAX question, not ModelConverterX. The short story is that if these buildings are created as separate objects, then you can remove them separately. If not, then you can't (easily).

Click the GMAX button at the top that has a tooltip saying Select Object (arrow button). Then click each object you want to remove. It should turn white. If this is the object you want to remove, press Delete. If there is more than one LOD, there may still be buildings remaining there. Click on them and press delete until they are all gone. Repeat until only the buildings you want remaining are present.

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Thanks for the reply Tom, but that doesn't work. I tried this method prior to posting and as I mentioned, there are 4 LOD's, 8 buildings, 1 object. If I use that tool to select one at a time (well, it doesn't), and delete it removes all of the buildings in stages. I can't see exactly what it's doing but seems to only be stripping them all little by little as I select the one building and hit delete. You would need to try it to the same object that I am talking about as I don't know a better way to explain it.


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If the building objects are "connected together" as the same object, then you need to select it using the methods above, Add an Edit Mesh modifier to the stack (on the right side), click the little + sign next to the Edit Mesh, click on Polygon, and then drag your mouse across the building polygons you want to remove.

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Thanks again Tom,
I got it to work as you described. Unfortunatley, like the title says, I am new at all this. So now I have the repaired .mdl... I have been reading tutorials all night and cannot find out how to get it into a .bgl.
I found a tutorial that I followed and went thru the process of creating an .xml, I then copied the xml and mdl to the sdk's bglcomp and tried the mentioned drag xml onto the compiler and it will create my .bgl but it sure doesn't, perhaps the tutorial is out of date, I have SDK sp2. I did it manually through a cmd prompt as well and I don't get any errors, it simply doesn't create the bgl.
Any other help would be nice.
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In this instance, you could use Arno's LibrarycreatorXML (think you can find it in the download section).
It is simple: make new xml, give it a name, add your mdl, save and compile. You will have a new bgl with your hangar library object inside that you can then add to your scenery using the Library Object Manager of ADE .


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Did you have BglComp as well as the MDL and XML files all in the same folder? That's required.

The simplest way to get a fresh start is to use File/Export in GMAX, select Scenery MDL file type, and Export to a new folder. This will generate a new XML and MDL file. Drag the XML file over BglComp (copied into the same folder) and you should get a new BGL file created. Note that your object will now have a new GUID number, different than the original object.

Hope this helps,
Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the help, but I must be missing something or doing something wrong. Yes, I had both files in the BGLComp folder.

To better explain here is what I am doing:

1.) Using ModelConvertX I Import the Boston.bgl.
2.) I scroll to the hangar group I want to edit (KBOS_HangarComplex) then Export it as a .3DS for Gmax for editing.
3.) I run FSX_GMax and Import KBOS_HangarComplex.3ds. (Here I am asked to Merge or Completely replace scene, and there is a check box for "Convert Units", I have tried them all, but for this follow along, I chose "Completely Replace, and unchecked Convert Units").
4.) On the Right I choose "Modify>Edit Mesh>Polygon
5.) I drag a box over the two southern most buildings I want removed and delete them.
6.) Since I cannot export like this, I go to the FS Tools menu and choose LODNameTool, then "Create new GUID" and enter a friendly name of test and close the box.
7.) I export via File>Export, and for file type choose "Flightsim Model (*.MDL)" and name it test. (There is no option for Scenery.MDL).
8.) I export it to a new folder as test.mdl (There is no .xml created as mentioned above) and choose the options mentioned in one of the Tutorials I read as shown here:

9.) I run "LibraryCreatorXML" and do as described above. Create New xml > Add .MDL Object which is the file test.mdl, and Compile as test.bgl. I know have my test.bgl.
10.) I open ADE and then my airport for Logan (KBOS).
11.) I choose Tools>Library Object Manager and then Add objects "test.bgl" and click save.
12.) I right click on my airport and choose "ADD > Library Object" and add my "test.mdl".

My final result is the map in ADE is completely covered by my new object. For some reason the size of the object (or my test.bgl) is now 25738.57 x 17155.79 Meters?

Thanks again for the help, I know you have better things to do with your time then help me troubleshoot my lack of knowledge here, but greatly appreciate it.
Let me know if you need other screenshots of menus or any other steps mentioned.

Thanks again,
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You can check the size with modelconverterX, transform/downsize the mdl (you are sure you have the latest mcx version?) and export it again.
You could also set the size smaller with ADE.


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First, if the Convert Units doesn't fix the size problem, select all objects in GMAX, press the Uniform Scale button along the top, and drag the size down to where it should be. Then Export.

I don't use the FSX Exporter, so someone else will have to help you get it into a library.

Here is the Wiki from this site on how to do it using Library Creator XML:

Hope this helps,