Newbie probs - vanished buildings & double parking

Hello everyone,

I was overjoyed to finally find an airport modification utility for FSX, after much use of AFCAD with FS2004.

I'm just trying to get into it, and am in a bit of a pickle with my first modification, some gate changes to EDDF, Frankfurt.

The problem: both with by compiled bgl in /addon scenery or in a dedicated folder (and on top in the scenery library), the terminal buildings suddenly disappear, and my modified gates have two AI aircraft inside each other. Only the jetways remain, and other non-terminal airport buildings.

I'm certain I'm making some extremely stupid mistaking during the compilation process, but try as I might, I can't find it.

I have everything checked under "write" options except the navigation options, and everything checked under "delete" options except "delete all approaches", "towers", and "frequencies".

Where am I messing up?

Thanks a million in advance for your help!
First, welcome to FSX Planner!

Are you using any exclusion rectangles? If so are they set to exclude all? This couold cause your buildings to disappear.

Hi Russell,

thanks for your reply!

No, I wasn't using exclusion rectangles. However, after a bit more trial and error this morning, I was able to solve the problem. Apparently, the fact that I had "write scenery" checked in the Prepare Options was at fault.

I figured out that, to achieve what I wanted (namely modifying an existing gate), only the taxiway data needed to be written. So I unchecked everything except "Write Taxiway Data" (and "Write Runways", which having "Write Taxiway Data" checked forced me to check as well), and unchecked everything except "Delete All Taxiways" (and "Delete All Runways") as well.

Now, all the buildings are there, my gate changes are active, and there are no double-parked AI aircraft either :)

Glad you figured it out. The number of options offered by the blgcomp program is impressive, but having that fine grained control is very useful in my opinion. :)