P3D v4 Newest plane crashing in V4

Hey all,

So.. I finally took the opportunity to load up the latest version of Prepar3D V4. Working fine except when I load my newest airplane release, which launched only 2 weeks ago, if that. :(

Looking over the Content Error log, there is a bagillion errors in the FS9 coded gauges I have. I mean a TON............ TON..... like 999 of them.

Worked fine in V4.3. Works fine in FSX...

I wonder now if I can at least find V4.3 to download from Lockheed to get running again... until things can be fixed.

Man.. what a bummer. I had a bad feeling....
Hi Bill,

I'm one of the 'casualties' alas .... ( i'm on P3Dv4.4 ). First tried everything by the book to get it to work, asked around on the forums, etc ( i was a bit confused by the opening dialog that says " Welcome to the Proton Stingrey Flying Flapjack installation for FSX".....). Luckily someone saw your post here so atleast it's good to know the reason why no flapjack for me for the time being. Bummer indeed particularly for you of course. I can only wait and hope you might be able to solve the problem(s). Best of luck with that Bill !

Oh, btw, ever heared of a garage band from Iceland called "Of Monsters And Men" ?..... If not check this out, maybe it'll cheer you up :cool: :



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Comment out all of your gauges and then begin making them active one by one until you find which one(s) are causing the failure to load.
They found it........

The Kittyhawk Wright Flyer 'number_of_props=.....' no longer works and crashes the sim. They are going to bring it back on the next update. In the meantime, if I add an engine for the other prop, I am fine. I tried it, commented out that single string, and the plane loads up fine, no crash of the sim.

So... If you need a way to crash the sim, that is it. I find em well.... :S sigh.....

I have so much tech and coding riding on this. If only it didnt do this. I could possibly assign prop 2 as prop 1 and see if that works. I do not think there are internal prop counting police in the sim. (oops... too many props for assignment one! Crash! Crash! )...

Such an exotic simulator engine. Amazing that it runs so smoothly and with tons of addons. Thank You Lord that its not worse. The amount of work this thing does and computer power used to do it is immense.
Putting in a second engine in the config throws a wrench in the works. Engine 2 takes about 3+ seconds to start. Not a 'both start at the same time' sequence. So I am cutting support on V4.4 on the 'new release'... (bangs head on desk).

The plane is electric, idle is 'off'. On approaches, if you power back up from idle, fans will start on one side, then the other (automatic engine restart), so you'll have yaw input from the engine on one side only for 3+ seconds.

I am soooooooo good at finding issues.......... ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!