P3D v4 News from Hamburg

The development part is finished now and the configurator with many options is programmed. Now I have to write the manuals (German and English) and then it goes into the beta tests.

Hi guys,

the Hamburg Alster Scenery has now successfully passed the beta phase.

The publication has now been set to December 1. 2017.
Why only on 1st December you can read in the SimDocks forum. The forum is mainly in German, but can be switched (at the window top) into 27 different languages.
In addition, you will find in the thread also many many pictures (like this one below) from all corners of the scenery.

Go to SimDocks forum threat

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There is a good news!

The simMarket has offered to participate in the donation campaign for the children hospice .
This will be done in the form that the scenery will now be available through the simMarket. The simMarket waives completely on its commission, which is otherwise due at every sale and also assumes the complete billing and international accounting with the different conversion tax rates.

This eliminates the need to build your own shop and therefore we can also use the

Publication date for the Alster-Scenery
to the 1st of November 2017

The scenery will cost € 14.16.
Of this, 10, - € as donation to the children's hospice "Star Bridge" and the remaining 4.16 € are owed to the different sales tax rates in the individual countries and the PayPal and / or bank charges.

I would like to thank the entire team of simFlight and simMarket for this great support.
Hello there ;D

Nice to hear that, maybe I would buy this add-on, is a nice Eye-Catch in a simple world ;D