FSXA Nice Skid Marks

This started in a different thread - my questions nothing to do with that thread so I started a new one…:Dquoting from the original thread. Hopefully that's the way to handle something like this.

This is my stuff with edges, and a render wont differ much in FSX, I would say WYSIWYG.
Yea, there is a bit more polys.. like 20K.. LOL the same as 1 jetway..

Nice tire marks. I can never get that right. Always turns out like somebody dumped black paint on the runway.

I have done the FS2002 method for creating ground polys - different gMax plane for each layered texture/effect (base texture, markings, weathering effects, etc.)- it turned out OK. (Yes, I know that was "so last decade" and there is a newer way…haven't read the tutorial yet.)

However I find I got better looking results by creating a single physical layer, and employing the "Layers" feature of the standard graphics programs I use Photoshop (Mac), PaintShop Pro(PC) & Pixelmator (Mac)…+'s and -'s with all three.

My texturing procedure for runways, taxiways, aprons, etc is to start with a base using the asphalt/concrete texture. Next layer up is the markings (sufficiently weathered). Next layer is cracks/other weathering. Next is "oily areas" from exhaust, general wear & tear, etc. Top layer is the tire marks (figure tire/skid marks are on top of everything).

I've tried painting on with full opacity - that's the "somebody dumped black paint" effect. The ends that should fade away always have too an sharp edge.

I've tried using a burn layer or flattening the layers and applying a burn - if too dark/opaque the burn results in sharp edges, if too light/transparent it gives me a sort of "ghosts of tire marks past".

Working with both–dark burn for the heavy skid and lighter burn where it fades away, can work OK for something like a runway touchdown area but not taxiway turns and such.

My goal is, as shown in the quote, a definite set of marks that overlay everything (to some degree) but that also, smoothly fade to the asphalt.

I create mine in Gimp. I use the paintbrush tool to lay out 3 or 4 lines and then use the smudge tool to blend them. Then I play with the opacity so they are not so dark. I think they turned out pretty decent.