No more Dovetail Flight School?

So I was watching Frooglesim news and seems that Dovetail has remove FlightSchool from Steam and you can't buy it anymore.

So... what's next?


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What's next is waiting patiently for them to release their new version of the Flight Simulator.
Given the cool reception given to Flight School, I guess they hit the reset button on their plans for DT Flight Simulator, hence the big delays and lack of communication.
I didnt know they were working on a new one.

Remember, if you're looking for a new simulator (totally new), you might check out Aerofly 2. ;)

And note that they have recently released a new SDK that is building up. Its not 100% yet, but the exporters are there and a lot of information. I'm presently trying to get my plane in it. (Setting up landing gear is a challenge).


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Perhaps DoveTail Games should hold on to their current investment done in their FlightSchool product.
They could decide to fully integrate FlightSchool into their future version of FSX:SE flightsimulator.