no personal use? !!!!

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Hi Robert.

The right place to gather info about any restrictions on P3D usage would be at the prepare3D website:

Our indications are that Lockheed-Martin will NOT answer any questions about EULAs, terms of use or restrictions. They are more sick of it than we are. :)

If they will not answer your inquiries in a timely manner, then you might assume they do not plan on enforcing any restrictions. Then again, they might...

An academic license costs $49.95, as I recall. If you buy such a license, and then find they revoke it, you would loose $49.95... that would be your level of risk for using their educational tool for personal entertainment.

Version 2.0 will be released soon. So if you decide to purchase the academic license, whether for the intended use or not, you might want to wait for that version.

I don't think I can state this any clearer, and further discussion on this topic would be beyond the scope of this website. So I am closing the thread.

Not open for further replies.