No shadows on custom objects

Hi everybody!
My first post, so be patient if I am repeating a common question. Of course I've previously searched throughout the forum but found no solution to my problem.
I am creating an airport for FS2004. The tools I use are:
- GMax with FS2004 gamepack to model the objects, apply textures and export to a mdl file.
- DXTBmp to convert texture files to Extended BMP DXT3 format.
- Airport Design Editor to place the objects in the scenery.

The problem is any object created by me and put on the default ground don't show aircraft or other objects shadows on them. For example, if I put lines and numbers on the default platform, when the airplane passes on them, its shadow disappears and the effect is far from realistic (I attach an image for better understanding). Another example, I have modeled a pavement (just a box with texture), and a streetlamp is besides. There's no shadow of the streetlamp on the pavement, but there is on the road, which is a standard taxilink.
I have searched for a reason for this and a solution, tried using AttachTool to create a platform, elevate the object a bit... nothing seems to work. And I know it is possible, since I have an airport with custume platforms on which shadows show.
Any suggestion?



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Did you export as FS2004.mdl?
Or you exported the model with FS2002 and tweak the code.

The platform or the object on the surface does not have shadow cast on it.
You need to tweak the code, asm code.
Or use Model Converter X and use ground polygon wizard to convert it into ground poly. The the object on the ground will have shadow cast on itself.
Thanks for your reply
I use the FS2004 Gamepack to export to mdl so I suppose it is FS2004.mdl
I don't know how to tweak the ASM code, when I export I only get a mdl file. Is that file the one I have to edit?
I have tried Model Converter X ground polygon wizard to convert it into a ground poly, but when I place the object in my scenery, I get flickering since its height is 0. I have modeled the object again elevating it 0.01 m, but when Model Converter X converts it to ground poly, it is again on the floor and I get flickering.
Besides, with Model Converter I get a .bgl file which (I suppose) I put in my scenery folder, but it's not a good tool to place the object in an exact place. Is there any way to import to ADE the bgl I get with Model Converter?
Sorry if I'm messing it all, but I am quite confused with this.
Well, I have already learned to get the ASM file, but when you say tweaking it, what kind of change should I do?


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You can't have ground polygons with correct shadows and the ability to place them with ADE or another placement tool. For ground polygons the coordinates directly have to be put in the bgl file, just like the fs2002 gamepack does.
Understood, Arno, thank you. Now I have been able to create a ground polygon with shadows cast on it. Great!
But I still have a doubt: I have modeled a pavement with a box shape, it is 25cm high and I would like it to show shadows too. I have cloned the top poly, moved a bit up and exported as a different object. After tweaking it to become a ground poly and placing it, this poly is on the floor, not on top of the pavement. How can I place it at 25 cm high?


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Getting the pavement correct will be hard. The ground polygon wizard of modelconverterx will always put ground polygons on the ground level.

If you would manually tweak you could keep the polygon at the right level, but making a polygon that is not at ground level a ground polygon will give visual problems. It will not be sorted correctly against the sides of your pavement.

I think creating groundpoly with Arno's gpoly wizzard is a dream, its a relief for complicated asm coding.
FS9 engine can not draw shadows on objects except groundpoly. Only FSX capable to draw shadow on scenery object with the setting 'volume shadow' but it has huge performance impact.