No textures in MCX when exporting from Blender

Hi, I´m sorry I have to ask this again, but could someone please show me how to export a model from Blender 2.79 into MCX (as collada, 3ds or whatever) without losing the textures? I tried to follow the guideline provided in a similar thread but I can´t get the textures to show up.



Resource contributor
What file type are the textures you are using in blender (png, bmp,jpeg)?

When you export a DAE in blender is it going to a folder you have specified AND have you looked in there to see if the textures have come over?

What effect are you getting in MCX - is it the model with all checker boxes on OR is the whole model not appearing for you.

Do you want to post a picture of what your seeing or even a version of the blender file so we can look
thank you for answering,

in mcx I see the 3D model but it´s grey and untextured, When I export a dae file from Sketchup it shows up with all textures without problems. the model is a simple cube I only used for testing purposes, because I wanted to know how to get my models into mcx before starting something more complex. I´ll post the file here tomorrow, I´m buy with family life at the moment. thanks for your help!
update: I found the mistake, I didn`t create a blank image texture to bake the original texture to. Now I see the model textured in mcx. when i´m back at my simulator pc i´ll see if it shows up