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'K folks here's the deal...designed a building in Gmax (nothing fancy,
just a box), put some textures on it using planar mapping. Looks
great in perspective view (for a box with textures). Created a
folder in addon scenery\scenery and gave it the two required
sub-folders, exported the file, with Gmax exporter, to the
scenery folder. "Bglcomped" the XML and got the expected
BGL. Then converted the the texture file to DXT1 bmp and saved it
to the texture folder. Restarted FS9 and there was my building,
with absolutely no textures on it. I did this to ensure there
were no duplicate BGL's. Here is the puzzlement, I
can put a RWY12 object (native or 3rd party) anywhere in
the whole wide, wonderful, blue-eyed world and it shows up properly,
textures and all. I know there has to be answer to this, as I see
plenty of GMAX stuff out there. Can some one PLEASE at least hint
at what I might be doing wrong. I will bring you pizza and mow
your grass for a whole year...hehehe

PS...I did activate my scenery folder in FS9

If your Box is white that means there is no texture attached.
If your Box is grey that means FS9 can not find the texture.

You are exporting as a Scenery .mdl not a Aircraft .mdl

I am slightly confused about your file structure as it should be similar to this
Flight Simulator 2004\Addon Scenery\MyBox\texture
Flight Simulator 2004\Addon Scenery\MyBox\scenery

Look about 10 posts down for "Texture Not Appearing" by Scubakobe for a few clues.

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