No water sounds

Hi all,

We're having a problem with some clients not being able to hear the water sounds when landing/taking off or taxiing on water (doh!).

Seriously though, the sounds are there but REALLY faint.

Anyone else have this? It doesn't seem to be related to any particular sim or area.



C of mv
Destructive interference between two channels might cause such a problem, if stereo effects were created from a mono clip by inverting a channel (as is common) and the user's system is (for whatever reason) playing those sounds in mono. The differential between channel volumes will determine the amount of attenuation, so a slight difference between channels will yield a very weak total signal. This can be solved by putting one channel out-of-phase with the other (which will make the stereo effect more convincing anyway). I use Goldwave and do this by copying and pasting the clip, so that I have two to work with, then using the channel mixer to drop the volume in one channel in each clip to nil. The result of this is that I have two separate stereo clips, each containing either a left or right channel with no audio in it. I will then take one of these two clips, select the last half (or whatever), cut it, and paste it at the beginning. The result is a clip that is the same length, and loops as it would have before, but "begins" in a different spot. I then mix the two clips together, save the result, and discard the extra one.

It's an idea, anyway. I assume the presence of wonky maximum_volume entries or the position of the sliders in the sim's mixer have been eliminated as potential sources of the problem?